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17/10/2007 -  Anonymous User

Is Advisor on Foreign Affairs for the Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament. He has been for a long time committed to the eco-pacifist movement, acting as one of the main promoters for the establishment for the European Civilian Corps. He recently published the essayArea di crisi. Guerra e pace ai confini d'Europa (La Meridiana, 2007).

Is Undersecretary for Education in Prodi's Government. Graduated in Maths, she is a teacher in the secondary school. She worked with the youth in the field of solidarity, peace and multiculturalism.

Is Reader in Anthropology of Eastern Europe and Head of the Department of East European Languages and Culture (EELC) at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) of the University College London (UCL). From 2002 until 2004 he worked as consultant for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) of the United Nations in the Hague. From 1997 until 2002 he participated in the Srebrenica research of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) in Amsterdam.

Is Professor for East- and Southeast-European History at the University of Lipsia. From 2000 until 2005 he was Director of the Georg-Eckert-Institute for International Textbook Research (Braunschweig, Germany). He is author of several publications dealing with the issue of text-book revision in South-east Europe.

Is Director of the Fond za Humanitarno Pravo (Centre for Humanitarian Law) in Belgrade. Since 1992 the Centre has been collecting a large body of documentation on war crimes, cooperating with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague and few years later with Prosecutor's Offices in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. She was awarded many international prizes for her commitment to human rights. Because of her criticism against Serbian nationalism and the ethnic cleansing, she was many times attacked by Serbian media and establishment.

Is historian. Since May 2007 she has been a research fellow at the Georg Eckert Institute (GEI), where she works on the project dealing with the coordination, development and comparison of textbook research in South-eastern Europe. She wrote her PhD thesis on War Commemoration in Socialist Yugoslavia at the European University Institute in Florence.

Is essayist, journalist and translator. She is author of L'esplosione delle nazioni (Feltrinelli 1993, 1999) and has been dealing with Balkan issues for years. She is editor in chief of the Italian history review I viaggi di Erodoto and cooperates with several national headings. She is a member of the Observatory on the Balkans' Scientific Board.

Has been working since 2000 as journalist and cartoonist for several Slovenian headings and for the TV Koper-Capodistria. In the past years he hold several institutional offices, serving as Undersecretary and Ambassador the Slovenian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Early in the '90s he was MP, holding the chairmanship of the parliamentary group for supporting the war refugees. He is correspondent from Slovenia for the Observatory on the Balkans.

Ambassador. He is Austria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva. Between August 1999 and May 2002 he served as the international community's High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Appointed Austrian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1997, he served as the European Union's Special Envoy for Kosovo from October 1998 to July 1999 and few months later as Chief Negotiator at the Kosovo peace talks in Rambouillet and Paris.

Is European MP, member of the Delegation to the EU-Croatia Joint Parliamentary Committee and substitute member of the Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council. As Chairman of the Foundation Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole (Marzabotto, Bologna) he promotes projects fostering peace training and education and non-violent conflicts transformation. He is editor in chief of the Italian socio-political review Diario Europeo.

Executive Director for the Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in South-east Europe in Thessaloniki, has worked as a journalist for twenty-six years. Before joining the CDRSEE early 2002, he spent two years as Moscow Correspondent for "The World" and covered the Balkans through the tumultuous nineteen nineties, working first for the BBC and then "The World".

Is Director of Documenta - Centar za suočavanje s prošlošću (Centre for dealing with the Past) in Zagreb. The activities of Documenta involve research and dissemination of documentation about the war crimes perpetrated in Croatia during the '90s. Since 2004 Documenta has been cooperating with the Humanitarian Law Centre from Belgrade and the Centre for Research and Documentation from Sarajevo so as to develop a regional integrated approach to the construction of memory of the wars that accompanied the dissolution of former Yugoslavia.

Is Chairman of the Istraživačko dokumentacioni centar (Centre for Research and Documentation). The centre aims at investigating and gathering facts, documents and data on genocide, war crimes, human rights violations and devastation of cultural heritage happened during the '90s in Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of the ethnic, political, religious, social, or racial affiliation of the victims.

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