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Media and surveillance, the Predator scandal shakes Greece

Which countries are welcoming the many refugees fleeing the bombing by Putin's Russia?

EU cohesion policy and 6 South-Eastern European countries: figures, factsheets, and qualitative analyses


gallery iconCybersecurity and politics
Political parties do not seem to take cybersecurity seriously. Yet, there are dangers for their members’ data, their executives’ communications, and even their countries’ infrastructure....
video iconThe MFRR Italy Mission, 4-6 April
A video story accompanying the Italy Mission of the Media Freedom Rapid Response, a 3-day of meetings with several Italian stakeholders, institutions and journalists
gallery iconThe breath of the Danube
In the Danube basin, climate change is expected to further increase the risk of flooding, especially in the former floodplains, which were drained and cut off from the river to allow huma...

The Media Freedom Resource Centre is an online platform enabling quick and easy access for journalists, media experts, policy makers and the broad public to an ever-growing collection of resources on media freedom in Europe. Developed by OBC and the European Centre for Press and Media Fredoom


If short-haul flights which have a reasonable train alternative were banned, Europe's CO2 emissions would decrease. This report, which we produced for Greenpeace, looks at the extent to which train alternatives exist to short-haul flights in Europe


A dossier by OBC Transeuropa created in the context of EDJNet, its European project devoted to data journalism.

Work for Future

EU cohesion policy and 6 South-Eastern European countries: figures, factsheets, and qualitative analyses to show the results achieved to date - and what remains to be done 


A monthly chat between a journalist and an expert on a defined topic, mostly on ethical and legal issues connected to data protection and ICT. The show is part of the EU funded project Panelfit

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