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Balkan cities are among the most polluted in Europe, a dossier

"Fake news" or disinformation is one of the most pressing issues of our times. A new dossier by OBCT

Tom Law on Media Literacy for newsrooms

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#Justice4Jan, one year on
20/2/2019 - Call for justice and accountability of state authorities in Slovakia on the anniversary of the murder of investigati...
Taking stock of Wiki4MediaFreedom
12/2/2019 - A memorandum of understanding with Wikimedia Italia marks the fourth year of the collaboration between OBCT and the...



gallery iconWhat do journalists need?
Tools and facilities to protect journalists in Europe 
video iconCPDP Conference: Data protection and democray
Disinformation online and how it can be addressed is an issue that governments around the world are presently grappling with. The panel: "Disinformation and online advertising: do we...
gallery iconBohinj, autumn wonders
It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia, located in the heart of the Trglav park. You can still breathe the atmosphere of an Alpine culture that has not lost its typicality

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The new frontier for Armenian English teachers seems to be China: the possibility of working at higher salaries attracts more and more workers


On July 18th, 1992, a convoy of children left the sieged city of Sarajevo to reach Italy. 46 of those who left the Bjelave orphanage never came back to Bosnia: they were given up for adoption, although their parents were alive. A tragic story, resurfaced from the dark


Last December, Sarajevo was the most polluted capital in the world. What are the main causes of pollution in the Bosnian capital? An interview with Anes Podić, coordinator of Eko Akcija

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