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gallery iconDemining in Croatia in figures
The 1990s conflict in Croatia continues to bring dramatic consequences. In fact, every year the mines that have not yet been cleared cause new victims. Huge funds from EU cohesion policy...
video iconRussian invasion of Ukraine, the impact on Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
What is the impact over the Western Balkans of the Russian invasion of Ukraine? What are the possibel future scenarios in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina? Analysts, activists and area e...
gallery iconSolidarity for the 32nd anniversary of the Nagorno-Karabakh’s Independence
Nagorno Karabakh proclamation Anniversary rallies held worldwide, including Tbilisi

More than just money? EU investments for green Western Balkans

EU investments aim to support the green transition of the Western Balkan countries, but criticism about the project types and the process remains

Internet speed in Europe: the case of Romania

Romania is a virtuous example of how European funds for investment in information and telecommunications infrastructure can make a difference in offering quality services to citizens. A look at the data

Turkish women’s volleyball: national victory or culture war?

The "Sultans of the Net", the Turkish women's national volleyball team, won the European championship at the beginning of September, confirming their leadership at world level. The victory, however, reignited divisions at home over the rights and identities of sexual minorities

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In 30 of Europe's biggest cities, streets named after women make up only 9 per cent of the streets dedicated to individuals. The imbalance has started to narrow in some places, but progress is too slow: at this rate, it would take centuries to really close the gap.

Work for Future

EU cohesion policy and 6 South-Eastern European countries: figures, factsheets, and qualitative analyses to show the results achieved to date - and what remains to be done 


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