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Pollution: if emergency becomes routine in Bosnia

Are you in your thirties? Too old to find a job in Armenia

The EU must change and think of itself as 33 countries, without leaving the Western Balkans behind


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More articles and infographics in our dossier European Elections 2019
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The cartoon “You have a choice! How to prevent radicalization in the North Caucasus” uses simple examples to explain how young people fall under the influence of violent extremists and wh...
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The Syla family lives in the mountain village of Blerim, in northern Albania. Their everyday life, cadenced by ancient rhythms, revolves around the breeding of goats, ancient art and the...

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Human rights

Srebrenica genocide did not happen by accident and began well before its full horror became visible. It took shape with public discourse that dehumanised the Other


The attempted coup of July 2016 represented an unprecedented turning point for Turkey's media albeit an already problematic background. The special dossier "Media Freedom In Turkey" explores the dire situation created after the coup, presenting both the difficulties as well as the efforts to pursue quality journalism and solidarity actions


In Italy today lobbying is regulated in an inconsistent manner and rules are not applied. Greater transparency is necessary for investors too, but this situation is convenient for politics. Interview with Pier Luigi Petrillo

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