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What do we mean exactly by “hate speech”? And what are the most effective strategies to counter it? 

Hundreds of refugees and migrants still blocked around the port of Patras

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EFJ mission to Serbia: recommendations for media freedom
25/1/2018 - Following concerns about the state of media freedom in Serbia expressed by both Serbian journalists and media organi...
Is democracy deteriorating in Europe?
17/1/2018 - Freedom has been decreasing in several European countries over the last decade, according to the new Freedom House r...


The concept of testimony in the commemoration of the Yugoslav wars


gallery iconPristina, closed for smog
Sky-high pollution rates led Prishtina authorities to close the centre to traffic, while many citizens protested to ask for new measures to improve quality of air. A photo-report by Veton...
video iconThe EDJNet presented to the European Parliament
On Tuesday January 23, 2018 Chiara Sighele, project manager at OBCT/CCI, presented the European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet) to the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Educ...
gallery iconRussia’s Spiritual Christians on Armenia’s Highlands
The village of Fioletovo in northern Armenia is one of a kind. Nestled among the mountains north of Lake Sevan, it is home to 1,500-odd Molokans, a Christian sect which split from Russia’...

The Media Freedom Resource Centre is an online platform enabling quick and easy access for journalists, media experts, policy makers and the broad public to an ever-growing collection of resources on media freedom in Europe. Developed by OBC and the European Centre for Press and Media Fredoom


An exceptional trip to the Strofades islands, regarded as home to the mythical Harpies, and the breathtaking beauty of an ancient hermitage that risks disappearing


After the outbreak of some world-famous scandals (Wikileaks, LuxLeaks, Panama Papers ...) the debate on the democratic role of the so-called "whistleblowers" finally rose up at European level. OBCT published an analysis and asked from its network of media partners to go deeply into the subject.  The dossier


Serbia increasingly appears as a central hub in the Balkans for the Chinese-led "Belt and Road Initiative", both at an infrastructural and a political level. We discussed about it with Dragana Mitrović (University of Belgrade)

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