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Drago Hedl: the journalist's craft, between threats and humiliations

20/09/2017 -  Ana Brakus

"In a way, my Osijek has shrunk, like a cheap shirt after the first wash". The great reporter on the recent attempt to bribe him, the main corruption and criminal cases he has been investigating, and his future as a writer

Serbia: disinformation as political strategy

19/09/2017 -  Dragan Janjić Belgrade

Media lynching for those who do not toe the government line, judicial authorities that do not protect citizens, independent journalists accused of conspiracy. This is Vučić's Serbia

Cumhuriyet trial, the defendants remain in prison

15/09/2017 -  Dimitri Bettoni Istanbul

The trial resumes in Istanbul for the employees of daily Cumhuriyet, accused of terrorism. Defendants remain behind bars at the request of the prosecution. Our correspondent's account

Counting the words that count

14/09/2017 - 

What are the most recurrent terms in the EU Commission’s president annual speech at the European Parliament saying about our times? We had a closer look at the patterns. A collaborative story by the European Data Journalism Network

What happens to our holiday garbage?

13/09/2017 -  Marzia BonaLorenzo Ferrari

In tourist areas across Europe, the waste generated by tourism is managed by recycling and disposal systems that are often inefficient. An overview of the situation in South-East Europe

Tbilisi: Likuna, the champion

10/09/2017 -  Nino Gamisonia - Women of Georgia

Likuna, a 21-year-old Georgian girl, lost her right hand after a serious accident. This is her story as recounted by her voice

Azerbaijan: the silent crackdown in the Land of Fire

06/09/2017 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The already long list of arrests of those who are not aligned with the Baku government continues. The last one to pay was Mehan Aliyev, director of the Turan press agency

Albania: new government, old drill

05/09/2017 -  Tsai Mali

Confirmations, continuity and little innovation in Tirana's new socialist government, increasingly resembling its leader Edi Rama

Finding Tito

04/09/2017 -  Giorgio Comai

Recently Zagreb city assembly decided to rename the square named after Josip Broz Tito. But how many streets and squares in the former Yugoslavia are dedicated to the former Yugoslav President?

Ivanishvili’s tree collecting hobby

01/09/2017 -  Sulkhan Bordzikashvili

Georgia’s billionaire ex Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has been ripping up ancient and rare trees from across the country and transporting them to his private arboretum in Ureki. While the government claims it is for their own protection, activists continue to challenge the move

Bosnia and Herzegovina's dirty diplomas

31/08/2017 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Rome was not built in a day, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina a day is enough to get a degree or master's diploma, as long as you pay. The crumbling of the higher education system further compromises the future of the country

The Balkans: an increasingly popular tourist destination

28/08/2017 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

Where new developments in European tourism are concerned, the substantial and steady growth of the Balkans as a destination for vacations and travel is one of the most significant trends in recent years

Switching Off Media’s Diversity In Armenia

25/08/2017 -  Hermine Virabian

By restricting licenses for digital broadcasting, the Armenian government has ended up constraining media pluralism in the country. An overview of the situation

Kosovo: attack on journalist widely condemned

21/08/2017 -  Eraldin Fazliu

Parim Olluri, the executive director of the online newspaper "Insajderi", was beaten by three people in front of his apartment

Living with a disability in Armenia

21/08/2017 -  Lilit Arakelyan

In Armenia there are women who despite the blows of fate, despite deprivation and despair, were able to withstand their difficulties and move forward. Below is Vardine Grigoryan’s story

Higher education is reinforcing Kosovo's ethnic divide

15/08/2017 -  Ervjola Selenica*

Despite years of international efforts aimed at integration, the system of higher education in Kosovo continues to reflect and replicate the country’s deep ethnic divisions

Ukraine, the amber republic

14/08/2017 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

Some of the world's largest amber deposits are located on Ukrainian territory. Extraction is in the hands of criminal organisations, and institutions are hesitant or connivant – meanwhile, the environment is devastated

Bulgaria and Macedonia, good neighbours?

11/08/2017 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

The signing of the good-neighbour agreement with Macedonia, long pursued by Bulgaria, is undoubtedly a success for Sofia's diplomacy. However, the practical and long-term effects of the agreements remain to be seen

Macedonia-Bulgaria, "brother peoples"

11/08/2017 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski Skopje

The reactions in Macedonia to the good-neighbour agreement between Skopje and Sofia, between ideological U-turns by traditional parties and the praise of the Orthodox monks

Witnesses detail continuing anti-queer purge in Chechnya

10/08/2017 - 

The Russian LGBT Network has released witness testimonies from a number of queer people caught up in the systematic persecution of queer people in Chechnya