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Armenian citizenship։ a passport that helps to live

20/06/2024 -  Armine Avetisyan Yerevan

Tens of thousands of people fled to Armenia last year from Nagorno Karabakh, reconquered by arms from Azerbaijan: many are now asking for Armenian citizenship, to be able to start rebuilding their lives again

Romania has huge potential for green energy, but politicians don't know what to do with it

19/06/2024 -  Laura Popa

After years of Romania being a "paradise" for renewable energy investment, the government in Bucharest has managed to put itself in the ropes

Ride&Bike between Slovenia and Croatia

18/06/2024 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Peaceful, picturesque and full of history, the hilly regions between Slovenia and Croatia have become a destination for sustainable, cross-border tourism. The transformation was driven by Ride&Bike, a European Cohesion policy project

Transnistria “under blockade”

13/06/2024 -  Giorgio Comai

A media analysis of Transnistria’s main news agency and TV station shows just how insistently local media and politicians talk about being “under blockade”. The expression is exceedingly dramatic. But Chișinău should do more to allay immediate and pragmatic concerns of local residents

Serbia: media independence is an exception rather than the rule

13/06/2024 -  Serena Epis

Increasing political and financial pressure threatens the independence and editorial autonomy of many media outlets in Serbia. We interviewed Irina Milutinović, Senior Research Associate at the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade and co-author of the Country Report on Serbia of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2023

War crimes: slow justice in Serbia

13/06/2024 -  Massimo Moratti Belgrade

For the Serbian leadership, the recent adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution on Srebrenica was unnecessary, as the country has already tried those responsible for war crimes. A careful analysis, however, shows a very different reality

Trieste-Rijeka, finally by train!

12/06/2024 -  Nicole Corritore

Since April, thanks to EU cohesion funds, the Trieste-Rijeka route has been open: a railway connection with symbolic value is back, decades after being interrupted at the end of the Second World War. We boarded the train on opening day

Armenia, silent violence on old people

10/06/2024 -  Armine Avetisyan Yerevan

Violence against older people is a real and little-studied problem globally, but also felt in countries like Armenia and the Caucasus in general. Also because the elderly tend to live isolated, and struggle to find help

North Macedonia, the new government begins to take shape

06/06/2024 -  Aleksandar Samardjiev Tetovo

After the overwhelming victory in the political and presidential elections last May 8, VMRO DPMNE and its new allies are starting to outline the priorities of the new government. The future of the country's European integration, also linked to difficult constitutional reforms, remains a puzzle with a difficult solution

Dangerous liaisons: the media and gambling in Bulgaria and Romania

05/06/2024 -  Iulia RosuTsvetelina SokolovaKrasen Nikolov

Betting and gambling companies have gained enormous influence in Bulgaria and Romania. Not only on the people who slip into gambling addiction, but also on the media, which suffer from their economic power. New laws seek to contain this influence, but their impact is unclear

Migrants: all the doubts about the Rama-Meloni agreement

03/06/2024 -  Erion GjatolliGiovanni Vale

Despite the inconsistencies and uncertainties around the agreement signed between Rome and Tirana for the reception of migrants on Albanian soil, and while awaiting the judgment of the European Court, work on the two centres has already begun in Gjadër and Shëngjin. We went to see how they were progressing

Armenia, church and state battle it out at Sardarapat

31/05/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Though protests against border delimitation and demarcation had started to wane in recent weeks, smaller acts of civil disobedience this week might well have rejuvenated the movement led by a renegade archbishop calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation

Zagreb, development all-round

29/05/2024 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Waste management, post-earthquake reconstruction, urban services: there are various areas in which the administration of the Croatian capital, led by the progressive green coalition "Možemo" (We Can) since 2021, has intervened also thanks to European funds. We talked about it with Luka Korlaet, deputy mayor of Zagreb

Herzegovina's Wine Renaissance

27/05/2024 -  Ian Bancroft

In Herzegovina, native grape varieties like Blatina, Trnjak, and Žilavka lead a resurgence in the vinicultural landscape. Historical depth merges with the innovation of new producers, crafting a distinctive terroir and driving global ambitions in Herzegovina's evolving wine industry

Adriatic-Ionian region, is territorial cooperation still needed?

24/05/2024 -  Giovanni Vale

What developments do cohesion policies foresee? Is the Interreg programme, after over two decades, still valid? We asked Lodovico Gherardi, coordinator of the managing authority (the Emilia Romagna Region) of the Interreg IPA Adrion Programme

Armenia, Pashinyan hails border delimitation as protests set to continue

21/05/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Following a landmark decision by Yerevan and Baku to delimit part of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, efforts towards an agreement to normalise relations move forward despite anti-Pashinyan protests in Yerevan

Adriatic views: Hvar

20/05/2024 -  Fabio Fiori

"I sailed to Hvar for the first time many years ago, going from island to island, on an insuleidoscopic journey of wonders, where every day it was the wind that decided our route": this is how Fabio Fiori describes his first meeting with the Croatian island

‘Luka’, a Tale of War, Justice and Forgiveness (2)

20/05/2024 -  Ian Bancroft*

This is the second of two extracts from Ian Bancroft’s new novel, which tells of lives scarred by wars past and present, whose main characters - L., U., K., and A. - are confronted with the dilemmas of truth and justice, and the struggle to reconcile and forgive

Georgia: why the “Foreign Agents” law now?

17/05/2024 -  Giorgio Comai

The ruling party “Georgian Dream” acts on the basis of the obsessions of its founder, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, who sees threats to his interests coming from the West and from a potential change of government. The risk is an authoritarian turn, not a pro-Russian course

BiH, the public service on the brink of collapse

17/05/2024 -  Darko Kurić Sarajevo

The public service in Bosnia and Herzegovina is in increasingly dire straits. In the absence of real reform, the lack of a sustainable financing mechanism has caused tensions to explode between two of the three public broadcasters