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Elections in Turkey: The vote of the youth

22/06/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

On Sunday over one and a half million youngsters will vote for the first time in Turkey. An analysis of the trends among young people and the impact they could have on the result ahead of a crucial election for the country

Serbia: the case of journalist Stefan Cvetković and the absence of institutions

22/06/2018 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

A journalist disappeared, and then was back after days of searches. Public opinion and fellow information professionals held their breath, while the weakness of institutions was exposed

Turkey, Economy and Elections

22/06/2018 -  Dimitri Bettoni Istanbul

The economy will play a key role in the Turkish elections on Sunday 24 June. We discussed the current economic situation and its future perspectives with Professor Gül Günver Turan, president of the "Turkey - European Union" Association, retired professor of Economics at the University of Istanbul

Montenegro: public service is (not) at the service of citizens

22/06/2018 -  Damira Kalač Podgorica

The recent removal of the general director of the public broadcaster Andrijana Kadija has brought back to the surface the issue of public service, the inadequacy of existing legislation, the limits to freedom, and the total interference from power

Croatia: emigration, European funds, and beers

21/06/2018 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Some leave and never want to come back, some – although the country is not fully ready yet – use EU funds to create new artisanal businesses, such as the production of craft beers

Turkey: new rules, old concerns

19/06/2018 -  Dimitri Bettoni Istanbul

Turkey is preparing for the parliamentary and presidential elections of June 24 with the new constitutional asset pushed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We analyzed the situation on the eve of the vote with the constitutional law lecturer Fikret Erkut Emcioğlu

After a new president came to power, what happened to Transnistria’s media?

18/06/2018 -  Giorgio Comai

We have analysed Transnistrian online media 18 months after Vadim Krasnoselski came to power. We found clear evidence of selective removal of “unpleasant” old news items, but no evidence of mass dismissal of journalists

The working elderly — why in Azerbaijan ‘nobody wants to retire’

15/06/2018 -  Kamran Mahmudov

Elderly people in Azerbaijan are often seen working well beyond the age of retirement, often in hard physical jobs. The government has tried to celebrate this, claiming that no one wants to retire in Azerbaijan, but others point out that low state pensions give many no other choice

High tech: in Bulgaria, it's (also) a women's business

12/06/2018 -  Marzia Bona

Job creation in the ICT sector could help address the gender divide in Europe's labour market, but the sector is mostly dominated by men. Bulgaria stands out with a high rate of women employed in the sector

Azerbaijan, killing a republic

08/06/2018 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

In May Azerbaijan celebrated the 100th anniversary of its republic. Little is left of the democratic principles that inspired the founding fathers

Croatia, from the collapse of Agrokor to the Hotmail scandal

07/06/2018 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

The financial meltdown of the largest Croatian consortium continues to have consequences, the most recent being the resignation of Minister of the Economy Martina Dalić, linked to the so-called Hotmail scandal.

Armenia: the red apple

05/06/2018 -  Armine Avetisyan Yerevan

In Armenia, the red apple, besides being a fruit, is also a symbol. It symbolizes the Armenian girl's virginity. In traditional Armenia an opinion is accepted that the girl has no right to have sexual relations with anybody before the marriage

Pashinyan and the Armenia of tomorrow

31/05/2018 -  Monica Ellena

The so-called Armenian velvet revolution has paid off – Nikol Pashinyan has become premier. But now the real challenge begins – to change the country. To be able to do it, the new premier needs at least a parliamentary majority

Serbia: parallel divergences

29/05/2018 -  Dragan Janjić Belgrade

According to the Minister of Defense, Serbia should part ways with Brussels; for the President of the Republic the European road is not under discussion. Simple divergences, political crisis, or usual two-voice game for two different audiences – local and EU?

Erdoğan in Sarajevo: the Bosnians will pay the price

24/05/2018 -  Ahmed Burić Sarajevo

The recent electoral rally that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held in Sarajevo highlighted the difficulties of today's Bosnia Herzegovina and the contradictions of Europe

Why I don’t like the term “Western Balkans”

22/05/2018 -  Kristijan Fidanovski

"Western Balkans" is a label born 15 years ago that has certainly not helped – if anything it has slowed down – the path of south-east Europe towards the EU. A comment

Reform of the Dublin Regulation – Towards another wasted opportunity?

21/05/2018 -  Francesca Spinelli

Prolonged discussions and disagreements between governments threaten the necessary reform of European rules on the right of asylum

Montenegro: journalist Olivera Lakić attacked

18/05/2018 -  Damira Kalač Podgorica

Olivera Lakić, investigative journalist from the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti, was shot and wounded in front of her house, in the same place where she was beaten up six years ago. It's not easy to be a journalist in Montenegro

Connecting Western Balkans to the European Union

17/05/2018 -  Gentiola Madhi*

In the last few years, "connectivity" has been one of the keywords of the process of EU enlargement to the Western Balkans. An analysis

Western Balkans-EU Integration: Why Italy should take the lead

16/05/2018 -  Luisa Chiodi

On the eve of the Sofia Summit between the EU and the Western Balkans, an analysis of Italy's role in the enlargement process