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Protests in Bulgaria, the voices from the square

03/08/2020 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Protests against the Borisov government have been going on for over 20 days in Bulgaria. Our correspondent was at the heart of the demonstrations – in the centre of capital Sofia – to collect the live voices of the protest

Media in Turkey: a testing site of censorship and control

31/07/2020 -  Sofia VerzaFazıla Mat

Turkey is currently the largest prison for journalists in the world, with over 80 media workers in detention. As if that were not enough, the Turkish parliament has just passed a law that gives the government more control over social networks. An analysis of the situation of the Turkish media

Surrogate motherhood and exploitation in Ukraine

30/07/2020 -  Claudia Bettiol Kiev

Ukraine is one of the few countries where surrogate motherhood is legal and commercial. Private agencies and clinics offer these services, fuelling the so-called "rent-a-womb tourism". Many Ukrainian women do it for money, but at what price?

COVID-19 and the illegal drug market

29/07/2020 -  László Arató

Restrictions introduced because of the pandemic have not arrested drug trafficking in Europe, even if they did cause gaps in supply and a price increase in some cases. Distribution channels have become more diverse, and more and more deals occur on the internet

Hydroelectric power in Bosnia: between moratorium and abuse during lockdown

28/07/2020 -  Marco Ranocchiari

To defend the Balkan rivers, it was first necessary to make people aware that they were in danger. An interview with Ulrich Eichelmann, founder of the NGO RiverWatch and one of the coordinators of the campaign Save the Blue Heart of Europe

Malafekas: pulp is the genuine product of a country in crisis

27/07/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Times of crisis generate pulp characters, immersed in the need for action, armed with a realist language and no frills. An interview with Greek writer Makis Malafekas, author of “Athens Undocumented”

Croatia's extremists: when life gives you no future, make scapegoats

23/07/2020 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

A part of Croatia's youth turns to right-wing extremism targeting ethnic and sexual minorities, migrants, and women. They do so in search of their role in a nationalist society where there is a shortage of opportunities, but an abundance of scapegoats

Violent clashes erupt on the front line between Armenia and Azerbaijan

21/07/2020 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

18 months since both sides agreed to prepare populations for peace, Azerbaijan and Armenia may have sent that peace process a few years back amid renewed fighting on the front line as of Sunday, July 12

Struggle of identities in Northern Cyprus

21/07/2020 -  Xavier Palacios

The parliamentary elections in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), initially scheduled for late April, were postponed until further notice because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, the Turkish Cypriot community struggles to find a solution to the perennial ethnic and nationalist conflict in the island

Go East! Italian emigrants to Yugoslavia

20/07/2020 -  Luke GramithMarco Abram

After the Second World War, thousands left Italy to move to socialist Yugoslavia. Over the years, a lot has been written on this story, now revisited by two new studies on the basis of unpublished documentation

Greece: air, water, and democracy

16/07/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Volos

In Volos, central Greece, people are struggling for the quality of air – threatened by incinerators – and for public ownership of water, but also and above all for a transparent, democratic administration

North Macedonia at the polls today

15/07/2020 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski Skopje

After the postponement because of COVID19, Macedonian voters are called today to elect the new parliament. Preceded by an election campaign rich in populist rhetoric and bombastic promises, today's consultations feature elements of continuity, but also interesting news

Elections in Turkey: faraway, so close

10/07/2020 -  Filippo Cicciù Istanbul

The next elections in Turkey are scheduled for 2023. Despite the assurances of President Erdoğan himself, however, the political spectrum is in turmoil, between new projects and signs of fatigue in the AKP electorate

25 years in search of Selma

09/07/2020 -  Nicole Corritore

Selma Musić disappeared in 1995 during the capture of Srebrenica. She was 7. In 2019, her parents discovered in a photo that she had arrived safely on the territory of the Federation. A glimpse of hope to continue their search

Two voices on Kosovo

08/07/2020 -  Paolo Bergamaschi

A real diplomatic race between the US and the EU has recently started on the Serbia-Kosovo negotiations. The opinion of Lulzim Peci of the Kosovar Institute for Political Research and Development and Sonja Biserko, founder and president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Donbas: the miners' protest

06/07/2020 -  Claudia BettiolMartina Napolitano

In Donbas, miners went on strike for unpaid wages. Local authorities responded with repression: isolation of strikers, telephone lines cut, arrests and fines. Meanwhile, the conflict continues, albeit in international silence

Post-COVID-19 in Tbilisi: towards a more sustainable future?

03/07/2020 -  Onnik J. Krikorian Tbilisi

Georgia has been a success story with its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic - not just regionally, but also globally. As of 29 June, there have been just 924 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 15 deaths. But can Georgia build on that success and use the opportunity to resolve some of the problems that have long plagued the country, and especially in the capital Tbilisi?

Serbia, the election of losers

02/07/2020 -  Florian Bieber

Everyone ended up losing in Serbia's recent political elections. President Vučić, because his authoritarian regime has been exposed; the opposition, because the boycott led to nothing; the EU, because it appears less and less capable to foster democratic processes in the area

Armenia's heated political summer

30/06/2020 -  Armine Avetysian Yerevan

In Armenia, a trial has been launched against the main opposition leader - and among the wealthiest people in the country - accused of electoral corruption

“Abchazja” and other untranslated bits of Wojciech Górecki's Caucasus trilogy

26/06/2020 -  Giorgio Comai

Górecki spent a lavish amount of time in the Caucasus, meeting people across the region and hearing their stories. His Caucasus trilogy makes for excellent reading. Yet, not all of it is accessible to the international readership it deserves