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Why were the East Germans taking the Romania route to West Germany?

25/07/2017 -  Marina Constantinoiu Istvan Deak

At the beginning of the '60s, one of the missions the STASI officers had was to keep tabs on the East Germany citizens who spent an extended period of time in Romania

Georgia’s Secret Radio Station: Jamming for the USSR

24/07/2017 -  Thoma Sukhashvili

Transmitter Station Number 5 was one of many secret, radio-jamming facilities throughout the USSR. Today, nearly 26 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, its past employees, still living in their original residences, are trapped in a time warp

The EU and LGBTI rights in the Western Balkans

21/07/2017 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

The prospect of entering the EU has invited the countries of the region to adopt laws against discrimination based on sex and gender. However, more efforts are needed in order to achieve structural change

True stability needs media freedom

19/07/2017 -  Dragan Janjić Belgrade

Abuse of public funds and tabloids used as means for stifling “dissent” undermine democracy and ultimately stability in the Western Balkans. The speech by Dragan Janjić at the Civil Society Forum held in Trieste on July 11, 2017

"Each time, it hurts more". Srebrenica, 22 years later

14/07/2017 -  Alfredo Sasso

A "war for truth" is being fought today in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a clash based on ethnic competition, with words and stories about the past as the main weapons

Albania judge’s suit highlights defamation law abuse

13/07/2017 -  Austin Faulds

Controversial jurist seeks €83k in “moral damages” from media outlets, journalists

Political instability in the Balkans: the remedies are long-term

11/07/2017 -  Marzia BonaFrancesco Martino

Experts increasingly warn about the serious risks stemming from the consolidation of a vicious “stabilitocracy”. The focus of European and Western interests in the Balkans shifted from democratisation and human rights to security issues

To vote or not to vote in the Rama era?

10/07/2017 -  Nicola Pedrazzi

Albanian democracy needs a challenger to its undisputed leader

Azerbaijan and Europe

07/07/2017 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The Azerbaijani regime should harbor no illusions. It will never achieve a strategic partnership agreement with the EU like those obtained by the US, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil and others

Turkey: EU funds, authoritarianism, and civil society

06/07/2017 -  Fazıla Mat

For over 10 years, Turkey has received EU funds supporting reforms and democratisation. In light of the country's authoritarian drift, however, many wonder whether this strategy still makes sense

EU Enlargement: A Six Percent Target for the Western Balkans

05/07/2017 -  Tobias FlessenkemperDušan Reljić

The structural economic weakness of the Western Balkans is likely to become a political problem, but the EU so far has not addressed it adequately in its Enlargement policy. A commentary

Summer in Greece: a glimpse into the backstage

29/06/2017 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Tourism in Greece is the driving force behind the economy. Many, even with higher education, seek opportunities in this industry, often falling to painful compromises with their rights the images of Turkey in protest

28/06/2017 -  Giovanni Vale

Using the digital space to document and break the climate of growing censorship and repression in Turkey. This is the goal of the activists of the project

The political awakening of Croatia's islands

27/06/2017 -  Giovanni Vale

The islanders of Croatia want to be protagonists of their future, and their voices have arrived to Zagreb. A review

Whistleblowers, fragile defenders of democracy

22/06/2017 -  Gian-Paolo Accardo

They put in danger their private and professional lives to reveal the embezzlement and irregularities they discover in their workplaces, yet whistleblowers do not enjoy the protection they deserve. But things in Europe are now starting to shift

Serbia: journalists attacked during Vučić's inauguration

21/06/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

During the inauguration ceremony of the new Serbian president, some journalists were attacked and prevented from doing their job. An analysis

Art and testimonies of the Yugoslav wars

15/06/2017 -  Marco Abram

From next autumn, in several European countries, an art exhibition will seek to address the relationship between the value and problematics of testimony as an instrument to understand the past

Montenegro's young politicians on the rise

14/06/2017 -  Nicola Pedrazzi

An interview with Vladimir Jokić, 29, mayor of the historic city of Kotor and member of the newborn opposition party Democratic Montenegro

RECOM looks at Trieste summit as a chance for relaunch

13/06/2017 -  Cecilia Borrini

Next July, the fourth summit of the Western Balkans will take place in Trieste. The RECOM coalition looks at the event as an occasion for revival and has gathered thousands of signatures from citizens of the region

Yugoslav wars, militarization of memory

12/06/2017 -  Marco Abram

Commemorative practices, European memory, processes of victimization: an interview with Vjeran Pavlaković, Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka