Travel stories

Durres, the Albanian port

07/06/2016 -  Fabrizio Polacco

A walk through the streets of old Durres, where past and present are inextricably entwined

Mother Courage in Grozny

31/05/2010 -  Majnat Kurbanova

Lula is an actress to the bone, “flirtatious, fond of cosmetics, she pays attention to her gait and the tone of her voice”. A true life story from Chechnya, told by Mainat Kourbanova for the readers of Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Bosnia-Herzegovina, the American Friend

04/11/2010 -  Azra Nuhefendić Trieste

My father, Tito and the Americans. The construction of a new, enormous American Embassy in Sarajevo takes the author back on a journey into the past, from the Socialist period to a night in 1995 in Grbavica