Human Rights

Tbilisi: Likuna, the champion

Likuna, a 21-year-old Georgian girl, lost her right hand after a serious accident. This is her story as recounted by her voice

European Union

Counting the words that count

What are the most recurrent terms in the EU Commission’s president annual speech at the European Parliament saying about our times? We had a closer look at the patterns. A collaborative story by the European Data Journalism Network


The Balkans: an increasingly popular tourist destination

Where new developments in European tourism are concerned, the substantial and steady growth of the Balkans as a destination for vacations and travel is one of the most significant trends in recent years


What happens to our holiday garbage?

In tourist areas across Europe, the waste generated by tourism is managed by recycling and disposal systems that are often inefficient. An overview of the situation in South-East Europe


Serbia: disinformation as political strategy

Media lynching for those who do not toe the government line, judicial authorities that do not protect citizens, independent journalists accused of conspiracy. This is Vučić's Serbia


Refugees and Belgrade Waterfront

On May 11th, the barracks behind the Belgrade railway station, where hundreds of refugees stayed while stranded on the Balkan route, were abruptly cleared and demolished. An overview


Cumhuriyet trial, Musa Kart gives his statement

The deposition of Cumhuriyet's cartoonist in the trial accusing him and other journalists of "terrorism" becomes a "manifesto" on the role of journalism and satire in nowadays  Turkey