Human rights

Serbia, more violence against protesters

03/08/2022 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

The recent events in Novi Sad, where a citizens' protest against the application of the new Master Plan was severely repressed by the police and private guards, confirmed the tendency of Vucic's regime to use violence to suppress dissent

Turkey, all citizens under surveillance

01/08/2022 -  Dimitri Bettoni

For almost two years, the Telecommunications and Information Technology Authority, a Turkish ministerial body, has been requesting the metadata of all their customers' traffic from Internet service providers. This mass surveillance operation was revealed by an investigation by journalist Dogu Eroglu

Armenia, becoming a single mother

20/07/2022 -  Armine Avetisyan

More and more women in Armenia are choosing to have a child alone, through artificial insemination. A meeting with Nona and Lilit

Turkey’s LGBTI+ movement resists despite the odds

18/07/2022 -  Kenan Behzat Sharpe Istanbul

Istanbul celebrated its annual LGBTI+ Pride March in late June under the shadow of intense police repression, in line with Turkish government’s growing intolerance for any form of LGBTI+ expression, from public marches to popular media

Srebrenica: denial in the European public narrative

11/07/2022 -  Marco Siragusa

Almost thirty years after the genocide we are very far from starting a dialogue and a public discussion – in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Europe – on the memory of what happened in Srebrenica. An interview with Andrea Rizza Goldstein

Alexander Langer and Bosnia: a book and an educational project

13/07/2022 -  Sabina Langer *Giulia Levi

In the 1990s Alexander Langer, a South Tyrolean politician and MEP, devoted a great deal of effort to seeking peaceful solutions to the conflict in Bosnia. His writings have now been translated into Bosnian and will be the core of meetings for young people on human rights, ecology, and activism

Digital Fortress Europe #2: Trapped in a digital surveillance system

06/07/2022 -  Kostas ZafeiropoulosJanine LouloudiNikos Morfonios

The second of a series of insights into the digital aspect of the so-called 'Fortress Europe' and of existing and potential abuses: the impact of surveillance systems on vulnerable populations, money for Frontex drones, and monitoring the movement of citizens within the European area

Digital Fortress Europe #1: The ecosystem of European biometric monitoring and surveillance data

04/07/2022 -  Kostas ZafeiropoulosJanine LouloudiNikos Morfonios

The first of a series of insights into the digital aspect of the so-called 'Fortress Europe' and of existing and potential abuses: we start from a description of the main systems in use in Europe to manage the mobility of people across its borders and countries

Romania: abortion, mission (almost) impossible

04/07/2022 -  Florentin Cassonet

In Romania, having an abortion has become increasingly difficult. Under the pressure of the Church and pro-life NGOs – and with the complicity of the state – women are losing this fundamental right. A reportage

Ukrainian Roma refugees are not welcome everywhere across Europe

29/06/2022 -  Cassandre Thomas

About 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine to Europe are estimated to be Roma. They are particularly vulnerable, and yet appear to suffer from discrimination in at least some European countries, such as Czechia and Moldova

Cubans along the Balkan route: an interview

21/06/2022 -  Nicola Zordan

A little more than two months after an article on the journey of Cuban exiles to the EU, we return to the subject with the voices of those directly involved gathered in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a specific focus: the LGBT community

Turkey, even music must be silenced

10/06/2022 -  Kenan Behzat Sharpe Istanbul

In recent weeks, Turkey has seen numerous cancellations of concerts and music festivals by authorities linked to President Erdogan's AKP: political repression against opposition and minorities now also affects music

Femicides in Turkey: a film honours Bergen, the "Woman of Sorrow"

12/05/2022 -  Kenan Behzat Sharpe Istanbul

As violence against women continues to rise in Turkey and the government targets activist organisations seeking to prevent femicide, a blockbuster film about a slain 1980s singer is forcing the country to grapple with its past and present abuse of women’s rights

Is the EU's asylum system ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees?

07/04/2022 -  Eva BelmonteÁngela BernardoMiguel Ángel GavilanesCarmen TorrecillasDavid Cabo Madrid

Ukrainian refugees now enter the EU under the aegis of the ultra-fast special protection system, but regular reception centres across the Union are piling up hundreds of thousands of applications and rejecting many. EU members states' asylum systems average more than 15 months of delay

Surveillance and abuse: a European Parliament inquiry commission to shed light on the Pegasus scandal

28/04/2022 -  Rossella Vignola

The European Parliament approved by a large majority the establishment of a commission of inquiry to shed light on the abuse of Pegasus and other digital surveillance tools against journalists, critical voices, and opposition figures in the countries of the European Union

A conversation on surveillance in journalism

22/03/2022 -  Dimitri BettoniFederico Caruso

From the Pegasus spyware investigation to mass surveillance: a dialogue with researcher Philip Di Salvo to understand the impact of new technologies for all those involved in journalism and beyond

Putin, the Russians and the Ukrainian war

11/03/2022 -  Jeremy Morris

It’s high time we recognized that the Russian people are more than their authoritarian president

Greece: going to jail for saving lives?

11/02/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Twenty-four volunteers involved in rescuing migrants and refugees at sea are on trial in Greece. A controversial case, which targets that part of Greek and European civil society committed to saving lives in the Mediterranean

Albania, civil society on the move

08/02/2022 -  Davide Sighele

In the last thirty years in Albania, only the main parties have managed to bring people to the streets to protest, with some notable exceptions. An interview with researcher Klodiana Beshku

Sezen Aksu, freedom of expression denied in Turkey

04/02/2022 -  Kenan Sharpe Istanbul

A recent intimidation campaign against Sezen Aksu, the queen of Turkish music, has highlighted how artists as well as politicians, journalists, and activists are subjected to censorship and pressure from power in the country

Covid-19 and prisons: painful closures and encouraging innovations

04/02/2022 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

An interview with Alessio Scandurra, director of the European Prison Observatory, to understand the impact of the pandemic on European prisons, in terms of both healthcare and opportunities for inmates.

Azerbaijan: according to the Council of Europe, the new media law violates human rights


The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović writes to the President of Azerbaijan, inviting him to act in order to bring the law in line with international and European standards on freedom of expression and media freedom

Early childhood in Kosovo: learning from food

18/01/2022 -  Davide Sighele

Food is culture, memory but also chemistry, anthropology, mathematics. And kitchens can – and should – be the focus of the educational project of preschools. We interviewed Paola Cavazzoni, managing director of Pause Atelier dei Sapori, after her experience in Kosovo

North Macedonia and migrants, a story of solidarity

03/01/2022 -  Aleksandar Samardjiev Tetovo

In recent years, thousands of refugees and migrants have crossed North Macedonia towards the heart of the EU. Many received help from Lence Zdravkin, who transformed her home in Veles into an oasis of solidarity and comfort

Syria, Armenia, Ukraine: wars and refugees

31/12/2021 -  Armine Avetysian

After 10 years of violence, bombings, terrorist attacks, the fire in Syria has ceased, but human suffering is not over yet. There are still millions of people living as refugees. Some of these people, who have lost everything, dream of returning to Syria, some are settling elsewhere

Assisted reproduction in 43 European countries: not for all

23/12/2021 -  Eva BelmonteMaría Álvarez Del VayoÁngela BernardoCarmen TorrecillasAntonio Hernández Madrid

Access to assisted reproduction is very difficult for trans, intersex people, and single women in Europe. In addition to the legal barriers, they face economic stumbling blocks: most public health systems cover only part of the costs, they have very long wait lists or narrow access criteria

The impact of the pandemic on prisons in Europe

22/12/2021 -  Kira Schacht Berlin

Prisons make fertile breeding grounds for viruses, yet administrations have revealed little about Covid-19 cases, deaths and vaccinations in Europe’s prisons. Data from 32 countries show the pandemic’s impact on prisons

From India to Armenia: violations of the labour law

21/12/2021 -  Armine Avetysian

There are not a few foreign workers who arrive in Armenia in search of a better situation and to help their families. However, this is not always what they find

Dying on the border

16/12/2021 -  Stefano Lusa Koper

Yet another victim on the border between Croatia and Slovenia. This time, a girl lost her life trying to reach Slovenia by crossing the Dragonja River together with her mother and siblings. In the last 4 years, 23 migrants have died in Slovenia

Slovenia, the European Parliament and the rule of law

16/12/2021 -  Juan Torregrosa Rodriguez

On 17 November, the results of a monitoring mission on the rule of law carried out in Slovenia in October by some members of the European Parliament were presented