Anna Lodeserto | 11 July 2024

Ado Hasanović, a director of Bosnian origin living in Italy, interviewed on his way back from Cannes, talks about his next projects, which also directly involve his Srebrenica. An interview

Protecting forests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Woods and forests are one of the most valuable resources for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is largely covered by them. Sustainable management of this natural heritage - and the prevention of forest fires, an phenomenon on the rise - face, however, a number of obstacles. Forest scientist Damir Prljača (University of Sarajevo) discusses them, and the value of forests.

Afan, between asphalt and grass

Being a factory town best known for its steel mill and polluted air, Zenica is probably not the first place you would want to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But the socialist face of Zenica and the nature that surrounds it is becoming more and more interesting for tourists, thanks to one young enthusiastic tour guide 

Mediafreedom ECPMF

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The presentation of the glossary in Sarajevo
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