Athens | Elvira Krithari | 18 March 2019

Anna, Maria, and many others. In Greece, thousands of migrant women work as domestic helpers and carers. A difficult life, suspended between legality and informal sector, country of origin and destination, pride and regret

Infographic: Greece and the European Elections

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Greece: protests in Athens against the Prespa Agreement

The Prespa agreement, that should put an end to the twenty-years name dispute between Greece and the future (North) Macedonia was signed on 17 June 2018. It now needs to be ratified by the Greek parliament, and it is expected to be brought for voting later this week. A demonstration, which gathered thousands of people from all over Greece, was organized on Sunday to protest against the agreement. According to the demonstrators, (North) Macedonia shouldn’t have the right to use a name that is considered to be historically and culturally related to Greece. They demanded a national referendum on the agreement.

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