Tomas Miglierina | 27 March 2023

Eight years ago Mohammed had pitched a tent in Idomeni, he was one of the many Syrian refugees travelling on the Balkan route. Today he is a Belgian citizen with an EU passport. He has recently returned where this story began, in Idomeni, a place that occupied European chronicles for a long time

Astypalea: a little bit closer now?

Astypalea is a magnificent Greek island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It is difficult to access from the mainland, but now significant European investments are changing its prospects, starting with internal mobility. A photo gallery


"Passages" was born a year and a half ago with the aim of telling the main routes followed by migrants along the borders of Europe. Stories of migrants, refugees, but also doctors, volunteers, operators. Some shots from the Balkans by photographer Matthias Canapini

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Greece: Full scale of surveillance on journalists must be unearthed
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Frontex denies ‘expelling’ migrant watchdog team from Greek border
17/12/2021 - EU border agency denies forcing team from Italian-based rights watchdog to leave Greece and go back to North Macedon...
ASGI delegation rejected outside the European Union
3/12/2021 - A group of members of the Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI) was taken into custody by a mixed...
Greece: restricted access for media to Moria refugee camp
17/9/2020 - Together with the Media Freedom Rapid Response, OBCT signs a letter to the Greek authorities undermining press freed...