Stela Giurgeanu | 2 May 2017

Romanian television channels and the owners behind them: the cases of "Antena 1" and "Realitatea TV". A report on Romania, media ownership, and freedom of the press

Danube, in search of the lost sturgeon

For centuries the sturgeon has been the most prized fish of the Danube. Today, dams, overfishing, and river transport have made it a ghost. In Bulgaria and Romania, a WWF project seeks to start over by collecting new data and raising awareness in the local population.

In December 1989, 20 years ago, Timişoara citizens fought alone against the regime of Ceausescu. The memories of Ioan Savu, one of the leaders of that revolution, and professor Miodrag Milin, the first to collect the stories of those days. A videoreportage by Davide Sighele and Francesco Martino

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