In 2016, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) enters its second year of activity thanks to the renewed support of the European Commission. Through the cooperation among its 6 consortium partners - the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig , initiator of the ECPMF based in Leipzig; OBC Transeuropa (Trentino); Oxygen for Information  (Rome); South East Europe Media Organisation   (Vienna);  (Brussels); and the Institute of European Media Law (Saarbrücken) - the ECPMF project aims to protect and promote press freedom and promote transnational public debate on violations registered in Europe .

Liaising with several other European entities active in defending media freedom across the continent, OBC Transeuropa will raise awareness of the situation of freedom of information in six member states of the European Union, in the Enlargement and Eastern Partnership countries through:

1) a transnational journalistic campaign along with 14 media partners  by publishing and disseminating news and analyses aimed at increasing information and debate on relevant topics;

2) the further development of the Resource Centre on Media Freedom in Europe ;

3) the initiative #Wiki4MediaFreedom which builds on the work initiated by the Wikipedian in Residence hosted at OBC  in 2015.


13 December 2017

In Turkey, whistleblowing and journalism based on it are being criminalised, as demonstrated by the cases of Reyhanlı and the trucks of MIT, the Turkish intelligence

14 December 2017

Media freedom, public interest, transparency, data journalism, facts-based information: all these issues have been dealt with in Sofia, during the Wiki4MediaFreedom edit-a-thon, a writing marathon on media freedom-related issues in Wikipedia which gathered journalists, experts and activists

6 December 2017

EULEX allegations raise the issue of whistleblowing

4 December 2017

In Montenegro - NATO member country and EU candidate - attacks against the press are numerous and a journalist may be imprisoned for his investigative work. It is the story of Jovo Martinović, currently under trial. Our interview

1 December 2017

Romania has a law protecting whistleblowers since 2004. But how many Romanian citizens have benefited from it? What is the real impact of a "law without society"? The analysis of Dilema Veche

29 November 2017

Few media in Serbia have focused on the motivation of the life sentence for Ratko Mladić. Few words about the crimes committed by the former commander, as if the past had never existed


Greece: the history of private TV explains the present

The way that the establishment of private TV channels was implemented in Greece, perfectly illustrates the ties between the new media owners and politicians. Private TV was met with a mixture of fear, for what was yet unknown and thus challenging to control, and with anticipation for what could serve several entrepreneurial and political interests more efficiently…

Athens Live: read the full article in English

Montenegro: a revenge of the State against journalist Tufik Softić?

The Agency for preventing corruption started a case against journalist Tufik Softić based on anonymous tip. It happened just some days before a verdict was to be brought in a case where Softić sued the state for not having protected him after he was assaulted in 2007.

Vijesti: read the full article in Montenegrin

Montenegro: journalist Tufik Softić compensated by the state

For the first time ever, a Montenegrin citizen was compensated by the State for an ineffective investigation. Journalist Tufik Softić was awarded 7.000 euros after the Constitutional Court decided that his right to life was harmed by not finding the perpetrators that attacked him in 2007.

Vijesti: read the full article in Montenegrin

#MeToo campaign in Bosnia: the role of the media and effects

Statistics on violence against women that have arisen from the campaign #MeToo show clear data, but what is actual reaction of media outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina and world? Alan Pejković analyzes journalistic and media approach to this topic in different societies.

Media Centar: read the full article in Bosnian

Whistleblowing Albania: the long battle of a former policeman against cannabis

In 2015, long before the Tahiri affair shaken the Rama government, a former Albanian policeman had already reported the facts. His findings on the extent of cannabis smuggling were not appreciated by Albanian authorities and made him an unwelcome person in his own country. Dritan Zagani is now a political refugee in Switzerland.

Le Courrier des Balkans: read the full article in French

Athens Live: What Would You Like to Know About Press Freedom and Media Pluralism in Greece?

“During summer, we were contacted by the colleagues at OBCT, they invited us to take part in an international project with many countries in Europe and the Balkans initiated under the umbrella of the European centre for Press and Media Freedom. Initially we were honoured to be part of this project, but soon after we started thinking about how we would approach it. The invitation by OBCT raised a question: while in our country anyone can publish anything they want, is there true press freedom? And what about media pluralism?”

Athens Live: read the full article in English

The Media Freedom Resource Centre   is an open online platform that facilitates quick and systematic access to an ever-growing collection of resources on media freedom and pluralism, such as region-wide and country-specific publication and practical tools for journalists, practitioners, policy makers. Whether you are journalist, a media expert or an organisation, use this crowd-sourcing platform to share and disseminate your materials!

Building on a previous Wiki GLAM initiative, Wiki4MediaFreedom  aims at boosting the availability of accurate knowledge on media freedom and pluralism in Europe on Wikipedia. People who are willing to contribute, learn and help disseminate in languages other than English relevant information on these topics are very welcome to join!

Through a partnership between Index on Censorship, European Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders Mapping Media Freedom  monitors and visualises the state of media freedom in Europe by crowdsourcing reports of violations and limitations from journalists and press freedom watchdogs. Get involved!

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