INTERVIEW Serbia: propaganda and control on the web

Rossella Vignola | 28/3/2017

The impact of cyber-attacks, digital surveillance and sophisticated techniques of computational propaganda is growing. The case of Serbia in an interview with Vladan Joler, director of Share Foundation

MEDIA Romania: Less hate, more speech

Francesco Martino | 22/3/2017

The project "Less hate, more speech" aims at stimulating more civilized discussion with less aggressive speech on the Romanian online media, as one of the authors explains

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Bulgaria, where the local press "can be bought for cheap"

Sofia | Francesco Martino | 6/2/2017

In Bulgaria, local administrations spend large sums to "finance" the media, thus influencing their editorial line – a concerning situation, especially outside Sofia


MEDIA Reconciliation in the Balkans goes on air!

Saša Kulenović | 3/2/2017

‘Okruženje’, the first and only regional TV current affairs talk show in the Western Balkans, awarded with the prize for ‘2016 Media Initiative of the Year’ at the European Citizenship Awards


INTERVIEW Viktor Ivančić: media, democracy, and politics

Zagreb | Sven Milekić | 13/3/2017

All-out interview with Viktor Ivančić, one of the founders of the legendary weekly Feral Tribune. The media in Croatia, the Balkans, and former Yugoslavia. The risks for democracy

INTERVIEW Omer Karabeg: The Bridge

Luka Zanoni | 30/12/2016

For over 20 years, Omer Karabeg has hosted a programme titled Most (Bridge). The show deals with thorny, uncomfortable topics, seeking to create a dialogue between people of different viewpoints

INTERVIEW Media in Serbia, someone says no

Belgrade | Luka Zanoni | 2/12/2016

Media lynchings, physical assaults, threats. This is what investigative journalists face in Vučić's Serbia. An interview with Branko Čečen, director of the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS)

MEDIA "We are not audience hunters": Romanian House of Journalists

Stela Giurgeanu | 11/11/2016

“We are not audience hunters” explains Vlad Ursulean, founder of the "House of Journalist". A project meant to revitalize journalism in Romania

MEDIA Can Dündar, for a transnational journalism

Istanbul | Dimitri Bettoni | 4/7/2016

Can Dündar, journalist and chief editor of Turkish newspaper Cuhmuriyet, was sentenced to five years in prison for revelation of state secret. An interview

Greece: media and migration

Marzia Bona | 3/6/2016

How to report on migration? How to respect the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and minorities? The case of Greece and the proposal of the "Charter of Idomeni"

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