Marilisa Lorusso | 12 July 2021

Unprecedented violence in Georgia in the week dedicated to raising awareness on LGBT rights. An investigation has started on the death of a cameraman, who had been violently beaten like dozens of colleagues

The dead will understand

After Covid-19 reached a small village in Georgia - last spring - birds occupied empty schoolyards, wall clocks ticked louder, people began to remember what they saw in their dreams at night. Doubts, fears and reassurances spilled from the TV news exactly five times a day during the week of Easter. The village had an important decision to make. A film by Ana Jegnaradze and Marita Tevzadze - Chai Khana

My neighbor Ana

22-year-old Anna is fighting for her right to register her family’s property in her name. Her cousin strongly opposed her decision. In the Svaneti mountain village of Ushguli, Georgia, tradition dictates that if a family does not have a boy, the land and the family house are handed down to the next male relation who will continue the family name. A docu-fiction (hybrid) by Mariam Khachvani

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