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EU: enlargement to the east is back on the agenda

10/03/2022 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova have officially applied to join the European Union. The first reactions have been positive, but it will be a long process: in the meantime, however, the enlargement of the EU could finally get going again, and some novel solutions could be tested

Georgia applies to join the EU

03/03/2022 -  Marilisa Lorusso

The aggression against Ukraine has generated a series of so far unforeseeable consequences, particularly in the countries of the former Soviet bloc. Georgia is experiencing an acceleration of processes that were underway but were not on the agenda, including the request for EU candidacy

Georgia, a Pride week of blood

12/07/2021 -  Marilisa Lorusso

Unprecedented violence in Georgia in the week dedicated to raising awareness on LGBT rights. An investigation has started on the death of a cameraman, who had been violently beaten like dozens of colleagues

Georgia: the wounds of the dams

15/06/2021 -  Marilisa Lorusso

During 2020, the preparatory work began for what should be one of the most important infrastructure projects in Georgia's history: the Namakhvani dams. Local associations and communities report a tragic environmental impact and a significant safety risk

Italy-Georgia, cultural relations

26/04/2021 -  Marilisa Lorusso

Georgia looks to Italy for cultural development programmes – an almost thirty-year collaboration that this year finds a new, promising impulse. And from now on, when you visit Tbilisi, you will come across Dante

Georgia: the EU speaks out on the political crisis

14/04/2021 -  Marilisa Lorusso

The political impasse in Georgia continues despite two attempts at mediation by the EU institutions. The European Parliament warns: European aid only if the parties resolve the crisis

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the risks for Georgia

27/10/2020 -  Onnik James Krikorian Tbilisi

Two sizeable communities of Armenians and Azeris live - mostly separate - in Georgia. The current conflict has exacerbated the spirits of the two minorities, particularly on social media, arousing the concern of analysts

Investors: Georgia’s Nenskra Dam violates Svan rights

25/09/2020 -  Tamuna Chkareuli

For now, the EBRD and the EIB have suspended their financing for the construction of a dam in Georgia. Pending further assessments on the violation of the rights of the local Svan community

Post-COVID-19 in Tbilisi: towards a more sustainable future?

03/07/2020 -  Onnik J. Krikorian Tbilisi

Georgia has been a success story with its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic - not just regionally, but also globally. As of 29 June, there have been just 924 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 15 deaths. But can Georgia build on that success and use the opportunity to resolve some of the problems that have long plagued the country, and especially in the capital Tbilisi?

Georgia: domestic politics, the crisis with Russia, and Covid-19

20/05/2020 -  Filippo Rosin

Georgia is expected to vote to renew parliament on October 31. Some fear that the government will use the current health crisis to postpone the elections and the reform of the electoral system agreed with the opposition

From Tbilisi With Hate: Georgia's punk scene

15/05/2020 -  Onnik James Krikorian Tbilisi

A brothel turned into rehearsal studio: this is one of the images that best describe Georgia's punk scene of the last 30 years. A reportage among punk and metal teenage fans, with photos, videos, and a coming soon documentary

Dealing with Russia's brazenness in cyber space

22/04/2020 -  Giorgio Comai

Western governments recently attributed to Russia a massive cyber-attack against Georgia. In this and other situations, the brazenness of the attack was seemingly a goal in itself. But Russia is not the only cyber threat. Structural political incentives for better security practices and international solidarity and assistance are needed

Ten years after the war in South Ossetia, time to embrace nuance

06/08/2018 -  Giorgio Comai

Ten years after the war between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia, in a context where grand bargains and comprehensive agreements are difficult to imagine, it is time to embrace a nuanced approach to conflicts in the post-Soviet space. Pragmatic and humane solutions that acknowledge local agency are the way forward

The Panorama Tbilisi project: a monster in town

04/04/2018 -  Marilisa Lorusso

Works are ongoing in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, for the construction of a pharaonic real estate project. Its impact on the landscape and environment risks being huge, and civil society has mobilized

Welcome to ‘hell’: working on a Georgian railway construction site

06/03/2018 -  Luka Pertaia

Railway construction in central Georgia is a key part of ambitious plans to modernise Georgia’s infrastructure. Despite warnings from trade unions and official inspectors, life for the workers remains a ‘living hell’

Georgia: a mountain woman

04/01/2018 -  Tekle Kveladze

The story of Mariam Kochashvili, 21, shepherd at her village in the Pshavi mountains and student of the last year of medicine in the capital

Gambling life away in Georgia

28/12/2017 -  Ian McNaught DavisNurana Mammad

Gambling has become a social plague in Georgia, especially in the countryside. But institutions are very slow in regulating this sector

Tbilisi: Likuna, the champion

10/09/2017 -  Nino Gamisonia - Women of Georgia

Likuna, a 21-year-old Georgian girl, lost her right hand after a serious accident. This is her story as recounted by her voice

Ivanishvili’s tree collecting hobby

01/09/2017 -  Sulkhan Bordzikashvili

Georgia’s billionaire ex Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has been ripping up ancient and rare trees from across the country and transporting them to his private arboretum in Ureki. While the government claims it is for their own protection, activists continue to challenge the move

Georgia’s Secret Radio Station: Jamming for the USSR

24/07/2017 -  Thoma Sukhashvili

Transmitter Station Number 5 was one of many secret, radio-jamming facilities throughout the USSR. Today, nearly 26 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, its past employees, still living in their original residences, are trapped in a time warp

The Soviets’ Right to Rest That is no Longer

14/04/2017 -  Monica EllenaMariam Nikuradze

A means of mass mobilization in Soviet times, the right to rest does no longer exist. Resorts and sanatoria built in that time offer today decaying architecture and outdated practices luring to Soviet nostalgia

The EU opens to Georgians travellers

10/02/2017 -  Monica Ellena Tbilisi

On Thursday, February 2nd, the European Parliament approved visa liberalisation for Georgia. Now the formalities at the EU Council of Ministers, and by the end of March the first travellers

Diplomacy and change: on Georgia's recent access to H2020 funds

19/01/2017 -  Abel Polese

Georgia has now full access to Horizon 2020: a great opportunity for research and innovation but at the same time a challenge for scientists and academia

The curves of the Georgian alphabet seduce UNESCO

09/01/2017 -  Monica Ellena Tbilisi

After evolving in parallel for centuries, thanks to UNESCO, the three Georgian alphabets became intangible cultural heritage of humanity. A living and charming heritage, but one to be protected

Pankisi, the land of the offspring

17/10/2016 -  Matteo ZolaEmanuele Cassano

A journey to Duisi, the principal village in the valley of Pankisi in north-eastern Georgia where many of its children have rebuffed the traditions of the fathers. Report

The South Caucasus at Rio Olympic Games

02/08/2016 -  Natalia Kawana

Things seem to be going well for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia at the 2016 Summer Olympics – scheduled to start on 5 August, in Rio de Janeiro. At least when it comes to the overall numbers of participating athletes

Georgian parliamentary election: the Security Sector Reform

08/07/2016 -  Marilisa Lorusso

A crucial topic on the national agenda, the reform of the security sector in Georgia is likely to influence the October political ballots

Georgia: Leaving Care

23/06/2016 -  Onnik Krikorian Tbilisi

In Georgia there are many care services for beneficiaries below the age of 18, but problems really emerge once they become adults. Georgia’s ChildPact members address this issue, working with the authorities to find long-term solutions

National minorities under the Georgian Dream

02/03/2016 -  Marilisa Lorusso Tbilisi

Giorgi Bobghiashvili, of the European Centre for Minority Issues, spoke to us about national minorities and inclusive policies in Georgia ahead of the next general elections

Georgia’s Syria Problem

16/11/2015 -  Onnik Krikorian* Tbilisi

Up to 100 Georgian citizens, mostly from the Pankisi Valley, have allegedly left their homes to join the Islamic State in Syria. With no effective counter-radicalisation policies, the situation could become even worse