Ornaldo Gjergji | 17 November 2022

Kosovo is growing fast in the field of innovation, but the strong potential of the sector is currently not being used as much as it deserves. We talked about it with Uranik Begu, director of the Innovation Center Kosovo

Kosovo: the call of the forest

In Kosovo, forests occupy almost half of the entire state surface. However, the risk of illegal deforestation, particularly intense in the northern area, on the border with Serbia, is impelling. A video report

Pristina, closed for smog

Sky-high pollution rates led Prishtina authorities to close the centre to traffic, while many citizens protested to ask for new measures to improve quality of air. A photo-report by Veton Kasapolli/OBCT

Mediafreedom ECPMF

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Kosovo Ruling Party Denies Running Anti-BIRN Campaign
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