Feature stories

Plitvice: the care of a park

15/12/2022 -  Nicole Corritore Plitvice

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Plitvice Lakes Park located in Croatia on the border with Bosnia Herzegovina, with its 300 sq km of surface area, is an exceptional European natural area. The biodiversity of its habitats and its overall ecosystem need constant protection interventions. A reportage

Green, fair, and pacifist Turkey: glimpses from Bozcaada

02/12/2022 -  Sofia Verza

Bozcaada has hosted an ecological documentary film festival for nine years now. A community-building cultural initiative that is of crucial importance in today's repressive climate in Turkey. We were there from 12 to 16 of October

"Novi Sad on water", concrete and protests along the Danube

22/09/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

After Belgrade, Novi Sad. The new urban plan threatens the banks of the Danube and a natural area that "lets the river breathe", essential in case of flooding. The city administration continues at full speed along the concrete road

Cyprus: halloumi diplomacy

16/08/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Nicosia

In Cyprus, cooperating across the lines that divide Greeks and Turks is always complicated. Also thanks to EU intervention, however, halloumi cheese – one of the symbols of the island – is once again a heritage shared by the two communities

Economy and morality on the long way towards reconciliation in Cyprus

09/08/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Nicosia

First the pandemic, now the price crisis have been increasingly pushing the Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus to cross the de facto boundaries that divide them and to interact, despite the persistence of prejudices and mutual distrust. A reportage from the island

Romania: abortion, mission (almost) impossible

04/07/2022 -  Florentin Cassonet

In Romania, having an abortion has become increasingly difficult. Under the pressure of the Church and pro-life NGOs – and with the complicity of the state – women are losing this fundamental right. A reportage

Science and work: how to relaunch Gabrovo, the "Bulgarian Manchester"

14/04/2022 -  Francesco Martino Gabrovo

Gabrovo, in central Bulgaria, used to be one of the country's main industrial centres: to relaunch it, the city university has launched a Centre of Competence, to reconnect the academia and the business world and foster research and training

Covid-19 in Kosovo: children and the lockdown

23/04/2021 -  Arta Berisha

An already fragile system, severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We met educators and families from the 0-6 education sector in Kosovo

Armenia: stranded in Thailand

27/08/2020 -  Armine Avetisyan

Pregnant, she was stuck with her partner for months in Thailand due to coronavirus. But she did not give up, and to raise the money for this forced stay she launched an online vegan restaurant. The story of Varda and her entrepreneurial initiative

Kosovo, the coronavirus and the crisis of the wedding industry

17/08/2020 -  Arta Berisha Pristina

Due to the pandemic and the emergency measures, many couples in Kosovo have postponed the wedding or given up on the traditional grand celebrations, with a significant financial impact on the wedding industry and related businesses