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Nicole Corritore – Journalist and Press officer

From 1992 to 2000 Nicole worked in international and decentralised cooperation projects in Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. From 1992 to 1996 she worked on external affairs for Radio Popolare Network. She is interested in environmental and cooperation issues. She is a journalist and manages relations with the Italian and South-East European media, as well as with the press offices of local bodies and institutions, NGOs, associations, etc. She speaks fluent Serbo-Croatian and joined Osservatorio in 2001.

Articles by Nicole Corritore

Krk at full solar

23/10/2023 -  Nicole CorritoreDavide Sighele

Decarbonise, decentralise, democratise. These are the three Ds of a possible energy revolution that some citizens are carrying out on the Croatian island of Krk through the installation of many photovoltaic systems and the establishment of an energy community. An interview

Croatia, Fearless project: demining completed

19/07/2023 -  Nicole Corritore

Croatia's strategic goal is to clear the country of landmines by 2026, as foreseen in the National Demining Programme. A third of the remaining contaminated territory will be reclaimed thanks to European cohesion funds

Lubenice: starting back from a museum

12/07/2023 -  Nicole Corritore

In Lubenice, a tiny village in the heart of the island of Cres, there is a museum devoted to sheep farming. Symbol of a territory that, telling about itself, wants to reinterpret and continue in its traditions. We met Marijana Dlačić, its president

Baška, tourism, its limits

25/05/2023 -  Nicole CorritoreDavide Sighele Krk

As in other areas of the Croatian coast, also in Baška, a municipality on the southern tip of the island of Krk, the local administration is facing depopulation in the winter months and saturation in the summer ones. We talked about it with its mayor, Toni Juranić

Islands in Croatia: Otra, development agency

20/04/2023 -  Nicole CorritoreDavide Sighele Cres

In Cres and nearby Losinj there are many territorial development projects that can be promoted thanks to the support of the European Union. But nothing could be done without those who care about the future of local communities

Trieste is beautiful at night

03/03/2023 -  Nicole Corritore

In Trieste, the border between Italy and Slovenia crosses the Carso. For some it is a dream territory, for others a nightmare. Interview with Matteo Calore, Stefano Collizzolli, Andrea Segre – the directors of the documentary "Trieste è bella di notte", premiered at the Trieste Film Festival

Croatia: mines still kill

15/02/2023 -  Nicole Corritore

Despite the extensive demining programme of recent years – also made possible by EU cohesion funds – the mines from the 1990s conflict still claim victims in Croatia

Plitvice: the care of a park

15/12/2022 -  Nicole Corritore Plitvice

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Plitvice Lakes Park located in Croatia on the border with Bosnia Herzegovina, with its 300 sq km of surface area, is an exceptional European natural area. The biodiversity of its habitats and its overall ecosystem need constant protection interventions. A reportage

25 years in search of Selma

09/07/2020 -  Nicole Corritore

Selma Musić disappeared in 1995 during the capture of Srebrenica. She was 7. In 2019, her parents discovered in a photo that she had arrived safely on the territory of the Federation. A glimpse of hope to continue their search

Zecovi, the quest for justice

12/09/2019 -  Nicole Corritore

On July 25th, 1992, 150 civilians were killed in the Bosniak village of Zecovi, a few kilometres from Prijedor. Among them 29 relatives of Fikret Bačić, who returned to Bosnia at the end of the war to search for their bodies and bring those responsible to trial. On the day of the commemoration of the massacre, we collected his testimony