Konstantina Kuneva: for an inclusive European society

28/04/2017 -  Gilda Lyghounis

Cleaners, care-givers, baby-sitters: 9 out of 10 are women, often exploited. MEP Konstantina Kuneva, who was personally attacked for her activism, now fights for female workers' rights in Europe

EU-Bulgaria, a multi-speed anniversary

06/04/2017 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Bulgaria, the EU, and the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. From the collapse of the Berlin Wall to ''multi-speed Europe". An interview with Professor Anna Krasteva

The House of European History

03/04/2017 -  Marco Abram

A museum that seeks to project a transnational vision of European history. An ambitious project that has not escaped controversy and criticism. An interview with director Taja Vovk van Gaal

Serbia: propaganda and control on the web

28/03/2017 -  Rossella Vignola

The impact of cyber-attacks, digital surveillance and sophisticated techniques of computational propaganda is growing. The case of Serbia in an interview with Vladan Joler, director of Share Foundation

Viktor Ivančić: media, democracy, and politics

13/03/2017 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

All-out interview with Viktor Ivančić, one of the founders of the legendary weekly Feral Tribune. The media in Croatia, the Balkans, and former Yugoslavia. The risks for democracy

Refugees in Europe: “Let's not make it a battle of the bottom feeders”

07/02/2017 -  Fazıla Mat

More Eu funds are needed to support reception measures for refugees as well as European citizens experiencing poverty. Interview with Brando Benifei, Italian MEP, on the management of the refugees crisis in Europe

Omer Karabeg: The Bridge

30/12/2016 -  Luka Zanoni

For over 20 years, Omer Karabeg has hosted a programme titled Most (Bridge). The show deals with thorny, uncomfortable topics, seeking to create a dialogue between people of different viewpoints

Rajko Grlić: "Films are like acupuncture"

20/12/2016 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

Director Rajko Grlić is the author, together with writer and columnist Ante Tomić, of a film that has become a smash in southeast Europe. Four characters and an exam on the Constitution. Interview

Media in Moldova: oligarchy in power

05/12/2016 -  Francesco Brusa Chișinău

Nadine Gogu heads a centre in support of independent journalism in the country. She tells us about media oligarchs, Russian propaganda, and the future of online information

Media in Serbia, someone says no

02/12/2016 -  Luka Zanoni Belgrade

Media lynchings, physical assaults, threats. This is what investigative journalists face in Vučić's Serbia. An interview with Branko Čečen, director of the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS)

"We are not audience hunters": Romanian House of Journalists

11/11/2016 -  Stela Giurgeanu

“We are not audience hunters” explains Vlad Ursulean, founder of the "House of Journalist". A project meant to revitalize journalism in Romania

Hungary, after the referendum

07/11/2016 -  Marzia Bona

After a controversial and divisive referendum, what is the outlook for Hungary and the region on the subject of refugees? We interviewed Gábor Gyulai, of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Turkey, the coup seen by CNN Turk

14/10/2016 -  Dimitri Bettoni Istanbul

The journalists of the Turkish CNN experienced first hand the attempted coup, since their premises were occupied by the coup leaders. Interview with Ferhat Boratav, managing editor of CNN Turk

Journalism in Turkey: my days in jail after the coup

15/09/2016 -  Bülent Mumay* Istanbul

The attempted coup of July 15 and its harsh impact on Turkish media and journalists. An editorial by Bulent Mumay, of one of the journalists arrested in those days and later released

Turkey, theatre after the attempted coup

09/09/2016 -  Emre Yalçın*

How can art react to the serious political crisis in Turkey? An interview with Semih Çelenk, theatre professor at the Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir

Renewable energy in the Balkans: enough bad

20/07/2016 -  Matteo Tacconi

Despite the commitments defined by the Energy Community Treaty, most of the investments in the energy sector in the Western Balkans are still directed to coal plants

Istria: being young in the 70's

14/07/2016 -  Davide Sighele

A documentary portrays the life of the Italian community in Istria through the eyes of children and teenagers. An interview with its director, Sabrina Benussi

The crisis of the EU solidarity: legal issues

17/05/2016 -  Luisa Chiodi

A review of some conflictual issues dividing Member States dealing with the refugee crisis. Interview with Irene Wieczorek, researcher at the Institute for European Studies

Media in Croatia: a cause for alarm

11/05/2016 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Following a five day mission in Zagreb, the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Nils Muižnieks, provides an account on the situation of media freedom in the country. Interview

Akram Aylisli, a writer under restrictions

31/03/2016 -  Simone Zoppellaro

Azerbaijani writer Akram Aylisli was expected to take part to the “Incroci di civiltà” International literature festival today in Venice, but the Baku authorities blocked him at the airport. Our interview

Ilinca Călugăreanu: the story of Chuck Norris vs. Communism

24/03/2016 -  Nicola Falcinella

Pirate tapes of the most popular American movies circulated in Romania throughout the Eighties, challenging the communist regime. Now, a film tells this story. OBC interviewed the director

Symβiosis: Greece after the shutdown

15/03/2016 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini

The Balkan route shutdown is prompting a humanitarian crisis in Greece. The situation in the north of the country: interview with Despina Syrri

Journalists’ solidarity in Kosovo: the RTK case

13/01/2016 -  Marzia Bona

A public campaign launched by RTK journalists against censorship and political interference in the national broadcaster achieved positive results. OBC interviewed Shkumbin Ahmetxhekaj, editor at RTK, who took part to the campaign

Romania: from traditional to social media

31/12/2015 -  Luka Zanoni

Traditional media no longer have the monopoly of information, social media are advancing. An interview with Ioana Avadani, director of the Center for Independent Journalism in Romania

Wiki for Media Freedom: an interview with the Wikipedian in Residence

15/12/2015 -  Michelle Trimborn

An interview by the ECPMF staff to the Wikipedian in residence Davide Denti, hosted at OBC within the project Wiki for Media Freedom

Cenzolovka, in memory of Slavko Ćuruvija

10/11/2015 -  Marzia Bona

The Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation was established in November 2013 in Belgrade with the aim to preserve the heritage of the journalist murdered in 1999, and advance media freedom in Serbia. OBC interviews its executive director Ilir Gaši

Vukašin Obradović: critical media under fire in Serbia

15/10/2015 -  Dragan Janjić Belgrade

Restrictions on media freedom are becoming more and more common in Serbia. Interview with Vukašin Obradović, president of the Association of Independent Journalists of Serbia (NUNS)

Macedonia, the Refugee Emergency

23/09/2015 -  Francesca Rolandi

The NGO Legis is one of the few organizations working with migrants and refugees in Macedonia. An interview with Mersiha Smailovikj, one of the founders of Legis, provides a complex picture of the situation

Refugees in Serbia: the stance of civic society

14/09/2015 -  Caterina Ghobert

Pavle Kilibarda, researcher at the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, explains the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia. Interview

Ziya Pir, a vision on Turkey

06/07/2015 -  Dimitri Bettoni Diyarbakır

After a life in Germany, Ziya Pir decided to return to Diyarbakır and run for the political elections in the ranks of the HDP. His vision on Turkey