Maura Madeddu | 1 February 2024

Thanks to EU cohesion funds, Bulgaria is activating and completing numerous projects to renew its railway network. However, the shadow of corruption looms over the works and the possibility that, in the past, part of the funds may have been used improperly

Gabrovo: innovation through the dialogue between academia and business

In Gabrovo, in central Bulgaria, the “Centre of Competence” was designed to forge links between academia and the business world and to foster innovation. The Centre houses fourteen labs equipped with state-of-the-art research and analysis equipment, in many cases unique to both Bulgaria and the entire Balkan peninsula

Sofia, the long protest

For nearly two weeks Bulgaria has been shaken by street demonstrations against the Borisov government. The heart of the mobilization is the center of the capital Sofia, where thousands of citizens are demanding the resignation of the executive, fighting corruption and the uncontrolled power of the oligarchs. The faces of the protest in the photos of our correspondent

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