Tetovo | Aleksandar Samardjiev | 27 February 2023

Lake Prespa, divided between North Macedonia, Albania, and Greece, is the natural habitat of thousands of species, some of which are unique. Due to the gradual loss of water, it risks losing its biodiversity. Despite the growing efforts to save it, the situation appears extremely complicated

Albania: wave after wave

The coasts of Albania are getting narrower. Coastal erosion is in fact one of its main environmental problems: a phenomenon caused not only by the rising sea level but also by the wild exploitation of the soil in favor of large tourist structures. A video report

Family bees

Maria lives in northern Albania. She has not had an easy life, far from it. But to help her support her family and to accompany her on her journey she found thousands of small insects: bees

Mediafreedom ECPMF

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Albania and the access to public information
1/2/2017 - An interview to Rudina Hoxha, Editor, FOLLOW BUSINESS ALBANIA