Belgrade | Antonela Riha | 26 January 2023

Little or nothing is known about the impact and responsibility of 20 tonnes of ammonia leaking from a tank on a freight train in southeast Serbia, an accident that also claimed two lives. In Serbia, it remains hard for citizens to obtain information about these environmental disasters

Serbia: submerged by waste

In Serbia, every citizen produces an average of one kilo of waste per day. Most end up in illegal or unregulated landfills, with an uncontrolled production of methane in the atmosphere. Everyone must, and can, do their part. A video report

How agriculture changes in Serbia

Temperatures are rising, winds are blowing the humus away and extreme weather events are increasing: a problem for agriculture in Serbia. A video report

Mediafreedom ECPMF

Multiple journalists threatened and harassed in Serbia, authorities must take urgent action
6/12/2022 - OBCT joins the Media Freedom Rapid Response partners and the Safe Journalists Network in condemning in the strongest...
Serbia: Support from MFRR for OK Radio as it faces intimidation
9/9/2022 - Threats and pressure on media outlets by powerful business interests cannot be met with impunity. The partner organi...
Serbia: an international call to end police violence against journalists
14/7/2020 - During the protests in Belgrade, police officers have been using violence against reporters and media workers, too,...
Serbia: “The court shows a clear intention to release those accused of murdering journalist Ćuruvija"
3/7/2018 - Veran Matić, president of the Commission for the Investigation of the Murder of Journalists in Serbia, assessed that...