Feature stories

Topolò, Europe. Voices from the border/1

10/08/2023 -  Paola Rosà

Bilingualism denied, espionage in families, Gladio: history on the border has left indelible marks on the present of Topolò, a town on the Italian-Slovenian border where, also thanks to European funds, attempts are being made to build a future. First part of a reportage

Turkey elections: disappointment and uncertainties in the south-east of the country

17/05/2023 -  Francesco Brusa

After last Sunday's vote, in southeastern Turkey between Van and Ağrı, the prevailing sentiment is that of resignation, if not bitter pessimism. The pre-election euphoria has given way to profound uncertainty

The Žitna lađa, traditions along the Kupa

31/08/2023 -  Giovanni Vale

Through entrepreneurial initiative, Ana and Jasmina have managed to bring back to life a story – that of river navigation – which involves different territories. The last episode of our report dedicated to the Kupa

Cres: Irena, Guerino, and San Martino medicinal herbs

28/06/2023 -  Davide Sighele

In San Martino in Valle, on the island of Cres, the distillation of medicinal herbs boasts a centuries-old tradition. Today, it is kept alive by Irena and her husband Guerino

Rivers of the Balkans: the Kupa of Karlovac

23/05/2023 -  Giovanni Vale

Few cities can boast of being crossed by four rivers. Karlovac is one of them. Kupa, Dobra, Korana, and Mrežnica. A river city that saw its golden age towards the end of the eighteenth century. Our reportage continues along the Kupa River

Cres, the sheep, Europe

12/04/2023 -  Davide Sighele

Local official in the morning, farmer in the afternoon. Franjo Toic is the emblem of what Europe can be: local, global, with a strong civic and community sense. An encounter

Idomeni, Mohammed's journey back

27/03/2023 -  Tomas Miglierina

Eight years ago Mohammed had pitched a tent in Idomeni, he was one of the many Syrian refugees travelling on the Balkan route. Today he is a Belgian citizen with an EU passport. He has recently returned where this story began, in Idomeni, a place that occupied European chronicles for a long time

Rivers of the Balkans: the Kupa and barbed wire

21/12/2022 -  Giovanni Vale

Second episode of our reportage along the Kupa. The shock of the border in 1991, the shock of barbed wire in 2015. Yet, some are not giving up

Plitvice: the care of a park

15/12/2022 -  Nicole Corritore Plitvice

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Plitvice Lakes Park located in Croatia on the border with Bosnia Herzegovina, with its 300 sq km of surface area, is an exceptional European natural area. The biodiversity of its habitats and its overall ecosystem need constant protection interventions. A reportage

Green, fair, and pacifist Turkey: glimpses from Bozcaada

02/12/2022 -  Sofia Verza

Bozcaada has hosted an ecological documentary film festival for nine years now. A community-building cultural initiative that is of crucial importance in today's repressive climate in Turkey. We were there from 12 to 16 of October