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Kosovo – Serbia, a stranded dialogue

29/04/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

After starting with great expectations, the EU-mediated dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia is now stalled after the introduction by Prishtina of custom tariffs on Serbian products and sterile proposals to exchange territories

The internal dialogue in Serbia: rejecting the normalisation of relations with Kosovo

20/03/2019 -  Katarina TadićAgon Demjaha

In 2017 Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić launched the "Internal Dialogue on Kosovo". Purpose? In words, to consult in an inclusive way the Serbian society on potential solutions related to Kosovo. That didn't really happen

Kosovo, strikes and demands for better salaries

05/03/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Kosovo has been shaken by chain strikes to demand better wages after prime minister Haradinaj doubled his own salary at the end of 2017. The recent approval of a new law on wages does not seem to have cooled tensions

Kosovo: economic growth does not (yet) create job opportunities

19/02/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Strong economic growth that does not affect the high unemployment rate, an economic model that must change to meet the challenges of globalisation. Kosovo's economy as seen by Marco Mantovanelli, country manager for the World Bank

Kosovo: robberies and violent crimes on the rise

21/01/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

After a robbery that ended in blood few days before New Year's Eve, the debate has resumed in Kosovo on the significant increase in violent crimes over the last few years

Kosovo, dreaming of a life abroad

19/12/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Although Kosovo is still on the "black list" of Schengen, many of its citizens dream of a future abroad. Among the most qualified professional categories, such as doctors, we can already speak of brain drain

Kosovo starts trade war against Serbia

29/11/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

The Kosovo government decided to impose 100% customs duties against Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. A decision strongly criticized by Brussels, and which risks further damaging the fragile dialogue with Belgrade

"Border correction", a dangerous game

12/10/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

In recent months there has been an increasing talk of a swap of territories between Serbia and Kosovo: a solution that raises concerns and question marks. The debate among the Kosovo Albanians

Ahmeti, being mayor of Prishtina

05/09/2018 -  Giovanni ValeJelena Prtorić

In his second term, Shpend Ahmeti, former member of Vetëvendosje! and now of the Social Democratic Party, explains what he sees in the immediate future of Kosovo's capital: solidarity, fair development, and social justice

Festivals bring the world to Kosovo

04/09/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Music festivals and cultural events: this summer Kosovo has seen many initiatives meant to promote the country abroad and provide new inspiration to its young population, which remains the most isolated in Europe

Kosovo: doubts about the private higher educational system

21/08/2018 -  Nicasia Picciano

How did the private higher educational system develop in Kosovo? A brief analysis. We received it and we gladly published it

Serbia: parallel divergences

29/05/2018 -  Dragan Janjić Belgrade

According to the Minister of Defense, Serbia should part ways with Brussels; for the President of the Republic the European road is not under discussion. Simple divergences, political crisis, or usual two-voice game for two different audiences – local and EU?

Western Balkans-EU Integration: Why Italy should take the lead

16/05/2018 -  Luisa Chiodi

On the eve of the Sofia Summit between the EU and the Western Balkans, an analysis of Italy's role in the enlargement process

Connecting Western Balkans to the European Union

17/05/2018 -  Gentiola Madhi*

In the last few years, "connectivity" has been one of the keywords of the process of EU enlargement to the Western Balkans. An analysis

EU enlargement: a new strategy, with hands by the brakes

01/03/2018 -  Francesco Martino

The European Commission has renewed its strategy for the accession of the western Balkans as an essential geo-strategic investment for the EU. From Brussels, however, no concessions can be expected.

10 years of stories from Kosovo

16/02/2018 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

Kosovo celebrates ten years of independence – years marked by symbolic successes, but without real answers to issues such as unemployment, coexistence, corruption, and lack of a development strategy

Faruk Begolli, a life between Belgrade and Prishtina

08/02/2018 -  Jeton Neziraj

He is one of the most famous actors of former Yugoslavia. Faruk Begolli loved both Pristina, where he was born, and Belgrade, where he spent most of his life

A violent year for Kosovo’s journalists

30/01/2018 -  Eraldin Fazliu

Last year in Kosovo 24 cases of threats and attacks on journalists have been registered

Kosovars need help to speak out

06/12/2017 -  Eraldin Fazliu Pristina

EULEX allegations raise the issue of whistleblowing

Kosovo: the first ever Pride Parade

06/11/2017 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

In October, for the first time, a Pride Parade has been held in Pristina. Nevertheless the fight against sex discrimination in the country is still long

Finding Tito

04/09/2017 -  Giorgio Comai

Recently Zagreb city assembly decided to rename the square named after Josip Broz Tito. But how many streets and squares in the former Yugoslavia are dedicated to the former Yugoslav President?

Kosovo: attack on journalist widely condemned

21/08/2017 -  Eraldin Fazliu

Parim Olluri, the executive director of the online newspaper "Insajderi", was beaten by three people in front of his apartment

Higher education is reinforcing Kosovo's ethnic divide

15/08/2017 -  Ervjola Selenica*

Despite years of international efforts aimed at integration, the system of higher education in Kosovo continues to reflect and replicate the country’s deep ethnic divisions

Kosovo: early elections, again

16/05/2017 -  Francesco Martino

The awkward government alliance between PDK and LDK lasted little more than two years: last Wednesday, it was ended by a motion of no confidence. Kosovo is now preparing for new early elections, scheduled for June 11th

Civil Service in Kosovo: legal inconsistences and clientelist networks

27/04/2017 -  Katarina Tadić

Legal loopholes and clientelism affect the public administration sector in Kosovo, jeopardiziong its functioning and development

Political and economic interests in media ownership are squeezing Kosovar journalism

05/04/2017 -  Abit Hoxha

New and old ownership models present their own challenges to quality independent reporting

Kosovar journalists need to demand implementation of their access to information rights

08/02/2017 -  Furtuna Sheremeti

In Kosovo, access to information is well guaranteed in theory — in practise it’s a different story

Kosovo's public discourse is toxic

13/12/2016 -  Mikra Krasniqi*

In Kosovo portals, websites, and blogs, that are supposedly there to inform society, have turned into a toxic arena for personal feuds, while it's difficult to find a minimum of critical analysis on any given topic

Time for Kosovo's media to get serious on transitional justice

22/11/2016 -  Nora Ahmetaj*

Journalists in Kosovo should not avoid the complex issue of transitional justice

Squeezing blood out of a turnip

23/08/2016 -  Besnik BoletiniBesa Kalaja

The support of the Ministry of Agriculture with grants for farmers in Kosovo has not produced the desired result. Often leading to abuses and injustice. An investigation