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Golden Dawn lawyer threatens journalist


The lawyer of E.Zaroulia, an MP for the Neo-Nazi party of Golden Dawn, has filed a lawsuit against a registered journalist and the news "" in an attempt to force them to silence.

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Neo-Nazi’s attack against Greek journalist reported to Council of Europe


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), following a complaint by the Journalist’s Union of Athens Daily Newspapers (ESIEA), reported to the Council of Europe an attack against the reporter Petros Anastasiades by Golden Dawn members, which is the far right political party of Greece.

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ThePressProject΄s PayPal Account has Been Blocked


Today, while launching a plea for donations , our PayPal account has been reported to provide "fake details" by several accounts simultaneously. As a result, our account is provisionally blocked until PayPal investigates. ThePressProject is an independent news web outlet. Its main financing is based on donations from our readers.

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The Voice of Europe presents the 2015 Amnesty International Annual Report


Giogos Kosmopoulos, Director of Amnesty International Greek Division talks to Christos Ntatsios about some of the key issues in the Annual report of Amnesty International regarding the conditions of Human Rights in Europe, freedom of expression included

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Special Report: The European sell out industry


The Transnational Institute (an international research centre), published a crucial piece of research concerning the privatization processes in the whole of Europe. The findings reveal that a pan-European mechanism has been built, connected to cases of corruption and damage to the public interest in many countries, also when it comes to media coverage

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Application against media propaganda about refugees’ “assaults”


The refugee crisis has sparked fears that immigrants and refugees arriving in Europe will provoke an increase in crime and especially sexual crime. Yet, although complaints are multiplying, reality seems to be completely different.

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Theatrical play censored because it contains texts by a convict for terrorism


A demonstration against censorship is organized today after the art director decided to censor the theatrical play “Nash’s equilibrium”. The play by Pigi Dimitrakopoulou was discontinued after massive negative reactions, for allegedly insulting the memory of the victims of the 17N terrorist group.

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Another attempt to nullify the Transparency Mechanism in the public sector


The "Parallel Program", the discussion of which was postponed included a curious clause which seems to abolish the transparency in public expenditure over specific Interior Affair actions. What is truly happening with transparency? Who wants to quash the, already dysfunctional transparency system and why?

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The first conference on censorship in Greece


A conference on “Censorship in Greece” is organized by the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University in cooperation with the Office in Greece of The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. It is the first attempt in Greece to expand the research through uncovering, analyzing and documenting the phenomenon of censorship, in theory but also in terms of experience and practice.

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Tsipras Against Opposition and the Media System


In his effort to pull his MP΄s closer to the government, and to secure their support in the upcoming bills, A.Tsipras attacked the main opposition party of ND and the mainstream media. At the same time he noted that the government continues onward according to plan; negating any scenarios of a short-lived left government or a grand coalition.

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