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The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Stingy with information


The Prosecutor's Office's longheld practice of communicating with the press through video statements filmed and produced within the institution, deprives the journalists of one of their fundamental rights and obligations – that of asking questions.

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Albanian journalist under the Police protection


Elvi Fundo, a well-known investigation journalist, was brutally beaten by two unknown men in the capital’s centre. He says his articles hit mafia’s interests.

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Editors’ salaries in public broadcasters are not confidential personal data


According to the Law on Free Access to Information in Bosnia and Herzegovina, salaries of employees in the public services must be transparent. After almost a year of demanding information, public pressure in the last few months made so that Radio Television of Republic of Srpska published the information about salaries of Miroslav Lazanski and Mate Đaković.

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The massacred journalist shows the photos of violence on him


Well-known investigative journalist Elvi Fundo in hospital whith serious wounds on face and head urges Police to find agressors and thanks collegues for supporting him

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Montenegro, the silence of the public administration


Montenegro adopted a law on free access to public information 7 years ago, but in many cases the information required is withheld, and no one is sanctioned.

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Serbia: Blocking the access to information


Serbia has one of the best laws in the world to guarantee public access to information. The problem is, the state does not respect its own laws. And the situation may get worse in the future

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Bulgaria: Free information access


One of three institution in Bulgaria is not transperant

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Kosovo: Everybody scorns the right to access to informations


In Kosovo, access to information is well guaranteed in theory — in practise it’s a different story.

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Metamorphosis - transgender beyond taboos


Transgenderism is still a big taboo in our society - in the rare cases it is a topic in Croatian media, journalists resort to sensationalism and superficiality. But mostly, there's only silence

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Bulgaria: municipalities fund local media to better influence them


Between 2013 and 2015, ten Bulgarian municipalities funded some local medias for more or less 3 milions euros: an investment that aimed to influence the editorial policies of beneficiaries and to guarantee some "media ease".

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