After the outbreak of some world-famous scandals (Wikileaks, LuxLeaks, Panama Papers ...) the debate on the democratic role of the so-called "whistleblowers" finally rose up at European level. At the time when the European Parliament was approving a resolution on whistleblowing, while civil society and politics was beginning to recognize the role played by whistleblowers in the public interest and therefore the need to protect them, OBCT published an analysis and asked from its network of media partners to go deeply into the subject. 


DOSSIER Why does a "whistlеblower" remain an exotic phenomenon for Bulgaria?

Mediapool | 15/1/2018

The low level of trust in the institutions on the part not only of the citizens but also on the part of those working in them is the reason – also evident from different sociological data

DOSSIER Bosnia and Herzegovina: whistleblowing and distrust of institutions

Sarajevo | Uglješa Vuković | 29/12/2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina has two laws for the protection of whistleblowers, one at the national level and one for the entity of Republika Sprska – but their protection mechanisms are completely diverging

DOSSIER Whistleblowers in Serbia: a model law

Belgrado | BETA | 21/12/2017

Serbia has a unique, gold-standard law – whistleblowers themselves have contributed to its drafting. There are, however, inconsistencies in its application

DOSSIER Montenegro, how not to protect whistleblowers

Podgorica | Tina PopovićMila Radulović | 15/12/2017

In Montenegro, to obtain the status of whistleblower is a major challenge. And even those who succeed risk being mobbed or fired

DOSSIER Turkey: whistleblowing, media, and the public interest

Istanbul | Emre Tansu Keten | 13/12/2017

In Turkey, whistleblowing and journalism based on it are being criminalised, as demonstrated by the cases of Reyhanlı and the trucks of MIT, the Turkish intelligence

DOSSIER Kosovars need help to speak out

Pristina | Eraldin Fazliu | 6/12/2017

EULEX allegations raise the issue of whistleblowing

DOSSIER Romania: whistleblowers need more than just a law

Stela Giurgeanu | 1/12/2017

Romania has a law protecting whistleblowers since 2004. But how many Romanian citizens have benefited from it? What is the real impact of a "law without society"? The analysis of Dilema Veche

DOSSIER The lack of protection for whistleblowers in Croatia

Zagreb | Toni Gabrić | 21/11/2017

In Croatia, as in other countries in the region, whistleblowers are not sufficiently protected and risk to be fired and socially marginalised. H-Alter's contribution to our dossier on whistleblowing

WHISTLEBLOWING The whistleblower who overthrew Macedonia’s government

Borjan Jovanovski | 3/11/2017

Former intelligence collaborator Gjorgi Lazarevski disclosed thousands of illegal wiretappings. "Bombs" which brought to the end of Gruevski's government