Bulgaria: eavesdropping for the purpose of intimidation


In Bulgaria data shows signs of unauthorized eavesdropping of politicians, magistrates and journalists. It was announced by the director of the National Office for the Control of Special Intelligence Means (NOCSIM), Boyko Rashkov. According to him, this has been done for the purpose of intimidation, pressure or blackmail.
"Until 2014 the State Agency for National Security (DANS) was one of the state authorities which wanted NOCSIM to act in absolute conflict with the law. Annually there has been unauthorized eavesdropping aimed at pressure and intimidation of politicians, magistrates and journalists”, said Rashkov.

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Sensationalism dominates the Bulgarian news stream


Crimes, disasters and incidents are the top news in the most popular television and online media in Bulgaria. According to a survey conducted by the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) the Bulgarian media create a "catastrophic agenda" and the really important news cannot reach the people.

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Journalist Ivo Nikodimov was attacked by unknown men in Sofia city centre


The Bulgarian journalist Ivo Nikodimov was attacked by three unknown men in the center of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Nikodimov is a head of the morning show of the Bulgarian national television.

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Every Third Institution in this Country Keeps Secret the Regulatory Acts it Issues


Every third institution in Bulgaria does not publish on the Internet the regulatory acts it issues, and half of them do not do this in relation to the general administrative acts.

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Bulgarian journalist sues a tabloid for defamation


The Bulgarian journalist and human rights activist Nickolai Staikov sued the inline tabloid for insulting and defamatory statements. The articles have been published over the past two years. The Court ordered PIK to pay about 6.500 euros. is one of the media outlets, associated with the Bulgarian oligarch and deputy from the ethnic Turkish party DPS - Delyan Peevski.

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Polish media protests against restriction of the work of journalists in the country's parliament building


More than 20 Polish media outlets on Friday took part in the protest against the government's plan to restrict the work of journalists in the country's parliament building from January 1, 2017.
Polish authorities are planing to restrict access to some parts of the parliament building, as well as to limit the number of journalists accredited there. Protesting the plan, the staff of newspapers, internet outlets, broadcasters and radio stations have decided to abstain from covering the parliament activities on Friday altogether.

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Attorney Kevin Goldberg: I don't believe in the 'Wikileaks' model


The 'Wikileaks' model is not the right way to enhance transparency in the world', said Attorney Kevin Goldberg in an interview for Mediapool. Mr. Goldberg, a US expert in the area of freedom of information and copywrite, visited Bulgaria to take part in a workshop for best practices in the access to information field. Mr Goldberg said that disclosure of information should be a responsible and accountable process. According to the interview the whistle-blower function in the USA is not very effective and, in addition, journalists do not have assurance in law for protection of their sources. To his view there should be such legal protection and it should be unconditional. Direct democracy in the USA to a great extent is a myth and platforms like 'We, the People' do not work effectively, said Kevin Goldberg.

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Turkish police arrested opposition journalists


Turkish police have detained the editor and 13 journalists of opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet.The journalists are suspected of links to US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, accused of plotting the failed coup in Turkey earlier this year.

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Journalists sue the Supreme Administrative Court for erasing important information


Bulgarian journalists filed a complaint in the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) against the new rules that erase key data in the judicial decisions of the same court. The case will be led by a non-governmental organization, called "Access to Information". The complaint was filed on behalf of journalists from BNR, BNT, bTV, "Dnevnik", "Capital", "Mediapool", "Legal World", Nova TV, "Sega" and "Judicial reports".

The media in Bulgaria may go under European monitoring


The European parliament has passed a resolution for a new mechanism for monitoring the state of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in all EU countries.According to the new mechanism the European Commission and independent experts will asset the situation in every country and then will prepare recommendations for each of them. The new mechanism will monitor also the media pluralism and freedom.

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