Croatia, an electoral turning point

01/06/2021 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Last Sunday, the second round of the Croatian administrative elections took a radical turn: for the first time in the last twenty years, Zagreb will be led by a 40-year-old mayor, raised as an activist in the streets of the capital. Significant changes also in other cities

"Big Brother" privacy scandal exposes the fragility of Albanian democracy

21/04/2021 -  Gentiola Madhi

The Albanian Socialist Party allegedly collected and illegally used the data of 910,000 citizens. The "Big Brother" case breaks out in Albania a few days before the political elections. Even the author of this article found herself listed

The elections of 1990, the year zero of Bosnian ethnocracy

19/11/2020 -  Alfredo Sasso

There is one case in which inter-nationalist cooperation manifested in an electoral process: that of Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 18th, 1990. The first multi-party elections after the socialist era saw the triumph of the three parties on an ethnic basis

Administrative elections in Romania: Bucharest and beyond

23/09/2020 -  Francesco Magno

On 27 September the administrative elections will take place in Romania. All eyes are on Bucharest and the uncertain outcome between outgoing mayor Gabriela Firea, PSD, and Nicușor Dan from PNL. Yet, indications on the country's political future will also come from the peripheries

North Macedonia at the polls today

15/07/2020 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski Skopje

After the postponement because of COVID19, Macedonian voters are called today to elect the new parliament. Preceded by an election campaign rich in populist rhetoric and bombastic promises, today's consultations feature elements of continuity, but also interesting news

Serbia, the election of losers

02/07/2020 -  Florian Bieber

Everyone ended up losing in Serbia's recent political elections. President Vučić, because his authoritarian regime has been exposed; the opposition, because the boycott led to nothing; the EU, because it appears less and less capable to foster democratic processes in the area

Hocus Pocus – Aliyev Style election

12/02/2020 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

Magic is what comes to mind when trying to find the right words to describe the snap parliamentary election that took place last Sunday, February 9th in Azerbaijan

Serbia: elections are approaching, pressure on the media is growing

04/02/2020 -  Dragan Janjić Belgrade

The Telekom company, of which the state is the majority owner, has removed from its cable offer N1, the only television network aimed at the general public that also presents critical positions towards the current majority

Azerbaijani elections, for Rasul Jafarov this time is different

16/01/2020 -  Claudia Ditel

Well-known human rights defender, lawyer, and former political prisoner Rasul Jafarov intends to run for the next parliamentary elections with the REAL party – only if the regime allows him to. An interview

Ukraine, the "servant of the people" wins again

29/07/2019 -  Claudia Bettiol

The party of new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj won also last Sunday's early political elections. "The servant of the people" got 43% of the votes and the absolute majority in parliament

Ekrem İmamoğlu, a young politician challenging Erdoğan

20/06/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

Little known till the beginning of the electoral campaign, opposition candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu (CHP) triumphed at the Istanbul municipal elections last March, later cancelled. A portrait of the young politician on the eve of the rerun, scheduled for June 23rd

Dejan Jović, an alarm call for Croatian society

24/06/2019 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

What is the situation of the Serbian minority in Croatia? We talked about it with Dejan Jović, university professor and recent candidate in the European elections

New Controversial Decision on Istanbul Mayoral Elections


The Turkish Supreme Election Council (YSK) decided on June 3 to put on duty the district election council chairs and electoral directors who were previously investigated for having formed the balloting committees in March 31 local elections in Istanbul in an unlawful manner.

European elections in Bulgaria: Borisov wins, abstention at record level

31/05/2019 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Characterized by record high level of abstention, the European elections in Bulgaria marked a new success for the prime minister Borisov, who won despite scandals and unfavorable poll predictions

Romanian and Bulgarian MEPs among the most influential

21/05/2019 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

MEPs representing Romania and Bulgaria have much more clout than those representing many other countries, including Italy and France. This is demonstrated by an indicator developed by VoteWatch Europe

What’s going on with abstention in Europe?

22/05/2019 -  Lorenzo FerrariJacopo Ottaviani

In the 2014 European elections, only 42.5 percent of people eligible to vote participated. From the economy to migration, by way of defence and climate change, European questions are now central to the public debate however

Croatia, towards the first ethical bank

15/05/2019 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Emigration, economy, and the future of the country on the eve of the European elections. We talked about these topics with Goran Jeras, creator of the first Croatian Ethical Finance Cooperative

Northern Macedonia, risk of low turnout for the presidential elections

02/05/2019 -  Ilija Minovski Skopje

The second round of the presidential elections in Northern Macedonia will see competing Stevo Pendarovski, supported by the Social Democrats, and Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, supported by VMRO. The uncertain electoral race, however, will likely be affected by low voter turnout

Croatia, all set for the European elections

19/04/2019 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Croatia will vote for the European elections on May 26th. Considering the revival of demonstrations and protests throughout the country, an increase in turnout is expected compared to the 2014 elections. An analysis of the competing parties

Post-elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina: heavy politics

12/10/2018 -  Alfredo Sasso Sarajevo

Nationalists celebrate in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, while doubts remain on a possible boycott of the state and federal institutions by Croatian nationalist party HDZ. An analysis

Elections in Turkey: The vote of the youth

22/06/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

On Sunday over one and a half million youngsters will vote for the first time in Turkey. An analysis of the trends among young people and the impact they could have on the result ahead of a crucial election for the country

What's behind Azerbaijan’s snap elections

15/02/2018 -  Arzu GeybullayevaTamara Grigoryeva

The presidential elections were scheduled for next October, but surprisingly the head of state has called them on April 11. Why did president Aliyev take and sign this decision?

Agreement reached, Albania will vote on June 25th

06/06/2017 -  Tsai Mali

Finally, socialists and democrats found an agreement that will allow regular elections to take place. But at what price? And is the situation really back to "normal"? A comment

Georgian parliamentary election: the Security Sector Reform

08/07/2016 -  Marilisa Lorusso

A crucial topic on the national agenda, the reform of the security sector in Georgia is likely to influence the October political ballots

A tale of three chairs

25/07/2014 -  Andrea De Noni Sarajevo

General elections will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 12th. Candidates for the Presidency and House of Peoples will still need to identify as Serbs, Croats, or Bosniaks, in violation of the provisions of the European Court of Human Rights

European elections in Cyprus: between confirmations and frustrations

04/06/2014 -  Francesco Grisolia

The EU elections confirmed traditional electoral trends in Cyprus, with a record level of abstention and two seats each for the two main Greek-Cypriots parties. Controversies mounted about thousands of Turkish-Cypriots citizens not allowed to vote

Croatia, the SDP staggers after defeat in EU elections

03/06/2014 -  Drago Hedl Osijek

Crushing defeat for the Social Democrats of Prime minister Milanović. The HDZ, currently in opposition, ranks first party in the country

European elections: the green party ranks third in Croatia

30/05/2014 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

The environmentalist party ORaH, born just six months ago, managed to rank third in the European elections in Croatia with 9.4%. The celebrations at the headquarters and the preparations for the upcoming 2015 political elections

Romania, European elections copy-paste

29/04/2014 -  Mihaela Iordache

Many of the 32 European Parliament seats available for Romania will be re-occupied, in all probability, by the very outgoing MEPs. There is poor political turnover in a country which is looking to Europe with an eye on November's presidential elections

European Elections in Cyprus: United by Disinterest

30/04/2014 -  Francesco Grisolia

All the citizens of Cyprus, whether in the north or the south, could theoretically vote in the European elections. But this will not happen. The Greek Cypriots are showing scarce interest, while the Turkish-Cypriots are restricted by voting regulations