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Transnistria: when buying time, make sure to use it wisely

19/07/2024 -  Giorgio ComaiBernardo Venturi

Russia’s gas subsidy – a key ingredient enabling Transnistria’s political economy – may remain in place for a couple more years, but its existence is based on increasingly shaky grounds. Chișinău is ensuring its own energy security, but long term stability in Moldova requires solid arrangements also for Tiraspol

Migration management in the Balkans

18/07/2024 -  Massimo Guglietta

Despite various reports of migration mismanagement and human rights abuses in Serbia, the European Commission at the end of June signed an agreement with Belgrade to strengthen cooperation on migration control

Greece, the First Phases of a Mediterranean SuperGrid

16/07/2024 -  Massimo Guglietta

A new project, with the contribution of European cohesion funds, will integrate Crete's electricity system with mainland Greece. The project represents the first phase of the "Great Sea Interconnector", a larger Mediterranean grid connection

Migrations: Greece and Cyprus: from solidarity to fatigue

10/07/2024 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Driven by economic difficulties, European public opinions have taken increasingly skeptical positions on migrants and asylum seekers in recent years, an extremely visible phenomenon in "front line" countries such as Greece and Cyprus

Bulgaria, a hub for clean technology research

04/07/2024 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Also thanks to European cohesion funds, Bulgaria has recently equipped itself with an innovative research centre for clean technologies, to connect the Bulgarian scientific world and help citizens and institutions comply with the new ecological standards

Ljubljana, cutting edge in biotechnological research

01/07/2024 -  Giovanni Vale Ljubljana

A new Slovenian research centre is operational in the capital Ljubljana. It is the Biotechnology Hub of the National Institute of Biology (NIB), created thanks to European funds and inaugurated last February, which seeks to study and provide answers to the environmental challenges that await us

Slovenia, the new biotechnology hub of the National Institute of Biology

A new research centre has recently become operational in Ljubljana. It is the biotechnology hub of the National Institute of Biology (NIB), created thanks to European funds and inaugurated last February, which seeks to study and provide answers to the environmental challenges that await us. We talked about it here.

Western Balkans: Europe's future mining colony?

28/06/2024 -  Sanja Mlađenović StevićAleksandar Samardjiev

Are the Western Balkans becoming a mine of raw materials needed for the upcoming “green revolution”? Civil society organisations and many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and North Macedonia answer resolutely: NO! The battle to protect the environment and health continues

EU Funds to Support Water Management in Croatia

26/06/2024 -  Massimo Guglietta

Despite joining the European Union more than a decade ago, Croatia has struggled to meet European Union standards for environmental protection, especially in water and waste collection, management and treatment

Safe cycling in the cities of the Danube area

24/06/2024 -  Paola Rosà

From 2020 to 2022, nine countries participated in an Interreg project to improve the safety of those who use bicycles to get around in everyday life or for leisure. Two years of research to promote the use of bicycles while reducing the number of casualties

Ride&Bike between Slovenia and Croatia

Thanks to European Cohesion policies and funds, through the Interreg VA Slovenia-Croatia cooperation programme, two projects were born and developed over time which spanned a period of approximately 15 years: Ride&Bike between 2007 and 2013, and Ride&Bike II, between 2018 and 2021. These projects have transformed the hilly regions between Slovenia and Croatia along the Sava and its tributaries into popular destinations for cyclists, walkers and horseback excursionists. We talked about the project in general here.

Ride&Bike between Slovenia and Croatia

18/06/2024 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Peaceful, picturesque and full of history, the hilly regions between Slovenia and Croatia have become a destination for sustainable, cross-border tourism. The transformation was driven by Ride&Bike, a European Cohesion policy project

North Macedonia, the new government begins to take shape

06/06/2024 -  Aleksandar Samardjiev Tetovo

After the overwhelming victory in the political and presidential elections last May 8, VMRO DPMNE and its new allies are starting to outline the priorities of the new government. The future of the country's European integration, also linked to difficult constitutional reforms, remains a puzzle with a difficult solution

Zagreb, development all-round

29/05/2024 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Waste management, post-earthquake reconstruction, urban services: there are various areas in which the administration of the Croatian capital, led by the progressive green coalition "Možemo" (We Can) since 2021, has intervened also thanks to European funds. We talked about it with Luka Korlaet, deputy mayor of Zagreb

Georgia: why the “Foreign Agents” law now?

17/05/2024 -  Giorgio Comai

The ruling party “Georgian Dream” acts on the basis of the obsessions of its founder, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, who sees threats to his interests coming from the West and from a potential change of government. The risk is an authoritarian turn, not a pro-Russian course

For a transnational Danube, beyond Sissi and the Sachertorte

16/05/2024 -  Paola Rosà

Erhard Busek (1941-2022), an Austrian politician active in Balkan regional cooperation and lover of a Europe of minorities in dialogue, opened the work of the Interreg Transdanube Travel Stories project by talking about history, languages, landscapes and international protests: a synergistic approach, in search of a shared narrative

Adriatic-Ionian region, is territorial cooperation still needed?

24/05/2024 -  Giovanni Vale

What developments do cohesion policies foresee? Is the Interreg programme, after over two decades, still valid? We asked Lodovico Gherardi, coordinator of the managing authority (the Emilia Romagna Region) of the Interreg IPA Adrion Programme

Incinerator in Sofia, a project gone up in smoke

08/05/2024 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

Tens of millions of Euros of investments, which began over a decade ago: Sofia's waste management strategy was supposed to culminate in the construction of an incinerator. The judiciary put an end to the project, accepting the objections of citizens concerned about its environmental impact

Balkans: Still many obstacles to regional economic cooperation

23/04/2024 -  Gentiola Madhi

Regional economic cooperation has turned into the headline of EU-Balkans relations in the last months. But what’s the situation today in the Balkans? An interview with Nenad Đurđević, advisor to the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Head of the Regional Council for Strategic and Policy Initiatives

Renewable energy, more EU funds in the 2021-2027 period

12/04/2024 -  Ornaldo Gjergji

With the funds allocated by cohesion policy, the EU has significantly increased investments in the production of renewable energy, thus providing significant help to member states in achieving decarbonisation objectives

Yerevan’s tilt westwards

09/04/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Yerevan’s tilt westwards has not been without problems, it faces economic diversification efforts and geopolitical complexities

Pulse, a new collaborative journalism project on European affairs

26/03/2024 -  Redazione

Last week saw the presentation in Brussels of "PULSE. Europe beyond the beat", an ambitious project coordinated by OBCT aimed at making collaboration among European newsrooms a tool to harness the coverage of European affairs

Armenia, one step closer to the EU

21/03/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

European Parliament resolution highlights Armenia’s growing relationship with the EU, but many questions remain

Croatia, Plenković against the European Prosecutor's Office

14/03/2024 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Post-earthquake European funds awarded without tender: according to a journalistic investigation, this is embezzlement. This is where an open conflict arises between the European Prosecutor's Office and Croatian Prime Minister Plenković, which risks having repercussions also on the upcoming legislative elections

EU funds: absorption difficulties persist

12/03/2024 -  Maura Madeddu

A study by the European Parliament examined the use of cohesion funds in the seven-year period 2014-2020, highlighting a decrease in absorption rates. It is necessary to reform the administrative system at national level and simplify the rules governing cohesion policy

Ćerimagić: Regional cooperation to be linked to EU membership

11/03/2024 -  Gentiola Madhi

The EU has invested considerable efforts in stimulating regional cooperation in the Balkans over the last decades, yet the results are questionable. Which are the reasons behind such slow progress and where does Bosnia and Herzegovina stand? We talked about it with Adnan Ćerimagić analyst at ESI

European Union Mission in Armenia Marks First Anniversary

29/02/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

For a year, the European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA) has been deployed on the border with Azerbaijan, which it patrols regularly: a measure considered necessary by Yerevan - which fears a new conflict - but viewed with suspicion by Baku

“Green” airports: the goal of Puglia, Albania and Montenegro

28/02/2024 -  Paola Rosà

An Interreg cross-border cooperation project to reduce CO2 emissions at all levels, from aircraft engines to plastic consumption on the ground, has produced a practical handbook. We interviewed two of the main managers, Anita Maurodinoia and Vito Antonio Antonacci

KLIK, the Croatian energy cooperative

27/02/2024 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

A women's cooperative that serves as an information point for energy and climate issues: in 2023, KLIK received the European Commission's European Sustainable Energy award for developing an energy community in Croatia "that brings clean energy to citizens"

Montenegro rethinks airports in a European perspective

19/02/2024 -  Paola Rosà

Thanks to the cohesion funds of the European SOLAR project, carried out in collaboration by Montenegro, Italy and Albania, measures to contain greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency are being studied, with a view to the EU accession process