Bodies in transition: interview with Alexandra Dejoli

25/06/2021 -  Veronica Tosetti

What did it mean to be transgender in Tito's Yugoslavia? And in today's Italy? An interview with the author of "Under the sign of the star"

Malafekas: pulp is the genuine product of a country in crisis

27/07/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Times of crisis generate pulp characters, immersed in the need for action, armed with a realist language and no frills. An interview with Greek writer Makis Malafekas, author of “Athens Undocumented”

Kiš, Europe, and us

16/10/2019 -  Božidar Stanišić

On the 15th of October 1989 died, in Paris, Danilo Kiš (1935-1989), the last great Yugoslav writer. A comment by Božidar Stanišić

Marina Abramović, or "l'art c’est moi"

18/06/2019 -  Božidar Stanišić

In this ironic, peculiar account, writer Božidar Stanišić is asked about world-renowned performer Marina Abramović – and wants you to know he has no clue why

The letter of Aylisli

28/04/2016 -  Akram Aylisli

Azeri writer Akram Aylisli, banned from taking part to a Literary Festival in Italy, writes to President Ilham Aliyev presenting the meaning of his most recent work, Stone Dreams

Quieter than water

05/11/2014 -  Giuliano Geri

Berislav Blagojević (1979) is one of the most brilliant and versatile voices in the new literature from Bosnia­-Herzegovina, and the author of Quieter than water [Tiši od vode, 2013]. Interview


23/01/2014 -  Anita Vuco

At the end of the tunnel, starting from a tavern in the middle of nowhere, everyone is defeated. Var, Saša Stojanović novel, is a masterpiece about faith, hope and doubt. The translator's review

Bulgarian cinema: Mission London

12/05/2010 -  Tanya Mangalakova Sofia

For the Western viewer, a well-acted comedy; for the Bulgarian audience, crazy laughs as well as disillusionment for the broken dreams of transition and an elite that turned out to be dishonest and useless. Now in cinemas, Mission London, from Alek Popov's best-seller

Jergović, the Stateless

25/03/2010 -  Azra Nuhefendić

A meeting with Miljenko Jergović in Italy, related to the promotion of his latest book, Freelander. The theory and reality of a stateless writer, between Sarajevo and Zagreb. The search for answers as a strategy for survival, and the sentiment of the past

Amos Oz: the art of compromise

26/01/2010 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Amos Oz is one of the best-known names in world literature. An Israeli novelist, essayist, and political activist, Oz is a fervent supporter of the need to reach compromise in order to overcome conflicts. Our correspondent met him in Sofia

Otherwise and elsewhere

20/04/2009 -  Marjola Rukaj

"Our desire for elsewhere was equal to our desire for otherwise." Young Albanian students, from the collapse of the regime to the mass exodus. An interview with Ron Kubati, a writer