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Covid-19 and Russian aid in Lombardy: narratives in the Italian media

11/06/2020 -  Irene Dioli

Cooperation or interference? Russia's military presence in Lombardy has been the subject of doubts, clashes, and conflicting narratives in the Italian media

A new story from Chechnya: Tamara

06/10/2010 -  Majnat Kurbanova

In the eighties Tamara was a teacher of Russian language and literature in Chechnya. Since the year 2000 she has had to cope with not only the disappearance of her husband but also breast cancer, an illness with a particularly high incidence in Chechnya after the recent wars

A stroll in Tirana

26/06/2008 -  Rando Devole

Public and private space. The latter eats up the former, chewing away bits of freedom and identity. The collective dimension overwhelmed by traffic and private property. A sociological reflection on urban planning in Tirana

Bulgarians, a vanishing people?

14/02/2006 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Ethnic Bulgarians have a very low birth rate. According to some, this could put at risk the economic growth, while others are afraid of the unstoppable growth of the Turkish and Roma communities. Bulgaria is stirred by demographic anguish, and now president Parvanov decided to act