Mostar's divers

07/01/2021 -  Veronica Tosetti

Starting from those moments of precipitous flight towards the Neretva, the first long feature directed by Daniele Babbo shows both the love for a city and how hard it is to live in it. An interview

"The Russians": the theme of Russian interference in TV series

17/12/2020 -  Irene Dioli

In recent years, Russia has been increasingly present in the West's hearts, minds, and debates, including in cultural production. Here we talk about three famous television series that brought the theme of Russian interference in the political life of Western countries onto the small screen

Rajko Grlić: "Films are like acupuncture"

20/12/2016 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

Director Rajko Grlić is the author, together with writer and columnist Ante Tomić, of a film that has become a smash in southeast Europe. Four characters and an exam on the Constitution. Interview

Istria: being young in the 70's

14/07/2016 -  Davide Sighele

A documentary portrays the life of the Italian community in Istria through the eyes of children and teenagers. An interview with its director, Sabrina Benussi

Ilinca Călugăreanu: the story of Chuck Norris vs. Communism

24/03/2016 -  Nicola Falcinella

Pirate tapes of the most popular American movies circulated in Romania throughout the Eighties, challenging the communist regime. Now, a film tells this story. OBC interviewed the director

Watching Bosnia in New York City: "May 31st" and "Trnopolje, a forgotten summer"

30/05/2014 -  Caterina Bonora New York

The Bosnian Herzegovinian Film Festival in New York City recently premiered a documentary movie on the White Armband Initiative, the event taking place in Prijedor each year on May 31st. Transitional justice experts Refik Hodžić and Eldar Sarajlić discussed the process of dealing with the past in the country

Bulgarian cinema: Mission London

12/05/2010 -  Tanya Mangalakova Sofia

For the Western viewer, a well-acted comedy; for the Bulgarian audience, crazy laughs as well as disillusionment for the broken dreams of transition and an elite that turned out to be dishonest and useless. Now in cinemas, Mission London, from Alek Popov's best-seller

Totem and taboo in Greek documentary cinema

28/01/2010 -  Irene Dioli

Documentary cinema in Greece: the reality of a cinematographic genre limited by the lack of producers and by themes that are still taboo. Interview with Rea Apostolides, producer and researcher

Profession: documentarist

20/01/2010 -  Irene Dioli

Documentary cinema in Greece: theoretical debates, material conditions, and relationships with institutions according to director Anneta Papathanassiou. Our interview

East of '89

10/11/2009 -  Andrea Rossini

The memory of the communist era in Romania, questions about the revolution and the end of the Ceauşescu regime. An interview with Corneliu Porumboiu, screenwriter and director of the critically-acclaimed film "12:08 East of Bucharest"

Andy Garcia plays Saakashvili

26/11/2009 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

Film director Renny Harlin started filming his new movie on last August's conflict, in Georgia. Besides the army and aviation, Andy Garcia and Val Kilmer will also take part in the filming

Kosovo's cinema, a new beginning

15/10/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

Glamour and red carpets, together with international star Vanessa Redgrave, characterised Pristina's first film festival. The goal? To launch the Kosovo brand on the international scene

Serbian-Albanian Honeymoon

29/07/2008 -  Marjola Rukaj

'Honeymoon' will be the first Serbian-Albanian film co-production using the internationally famous Serbian director, Goran Paskaljevic, and the promising Albanian screenwriter and producer, Genc Permeti. An excellent contribution to the cultural cooperation between the two countries