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This is what the European Data Journalism Network is about. A network of European media, coordinated by OBCT and VoxEurop, there to tell accurate and plural stories about Europe. 

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A long way to go: the Western Balkans and the green transition

Marilen Martin | 15/6/2023

To eventually access the European Union, the Western Balkans have to align their legislation with EU law. This includes the Green Deal, which commits countries to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. However, there’s still quite a long way to go for the Western Balkans in their progress towards the green transition

VIOLENCE Femicides: the undeclared war on women in Europe

Janine LouloudiNikos MorfoniosKostas ZafeiropoulosThanasis Troboukis | 12/7/2023

An unprecedented cross-border investigation, conducted by EDJNet with the participation of 19 newsrooms across Europe, attempts to shed light on femicides and rising violence against women at the time of the pandemic, as well as on the staggering shortage of up-to-date data on these phenomena

Femicide in Serbia: Crime and Lesser Punishments

Teodora ĆurčićJovana Tomić | 10/7/2023

Over the past ten years, more than 300 femicides have occurred in Serbia. The families of the murdered persons look for justice in court, but CINS’s investigation reveals that they often do not find it there.

Kyiv's street names are being heavily de-russified

Yevheniia Drozdova | 28/3/2023

About 500 streets in Kyiv have been renamed since 2014 – many of them changed their name after the military aggression by Russia in 2022. Ukrainian and Western history and figures have now taken the place of Soviet or Russian ones