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A network of several media outlets cooperating in showing, analysing and explaining the impact of European policies on the institutions, norms and citizens of EU member states and beyond. We intend to do it through news contents, analyses and multimedia materials, published under a Creative Commons license.

This is what the European Data Journalism Network is about. A network of European media, coordinated by OBCT and VoxEurop, there to tell accurate and plural stories about Europe. 

Our contents

Croatian cities don’t care for climate change

Ana KuzmanićIvana Perić | 20/2/2019

A survey by the H-Alter portal reveals local authorities' lack of interest in the increase in average temperatures. An exception is the city of Pula, which stresses the impact of climate change on people's lives

An ever less fertile Europe

Marta Gatti | 1/2/2019

Soil has a sensitive and crucial role to play, but is increasingly under threat: besides erosion and pollution, artificial covering is on the rise in many areas of Europe. There is still a chance, however, to reduce land take

The Europeans left out of the European elections

Lorenzo FerrariGina PavoneOrnaldo Gjergji | 7/2/2019

Almost 17 million EU citizens live in a member state other than their country of origin. These citizens are entitled to vote for the European Parliament from where they reside, but almost none of them do so. It’s a wasted opportunity for a more transnational politics

Bears return to the Alps

Laura Pes | 22/1/2019

In the collective imagination, bears are one of the wild animals with which humanity has struggled the most over the course of history. After virtual extermination, the reintroduction of bears in a number of European countries is arousing enthusiasm as well as perplexity