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A network of several media outlets cooperating in showing, analysing and explaining the impact of European policies on the institutions, norms and citizens of EU member states and beyond. We intend to do it through news contents, analyses and multimedia materials, published under a Creative Commons license.

This is what the European Data Journalism Network is about. A network of European media, coordinated by OBCT and VoxEurop, there to tell accurate and plural stories about Europe. 

Our contents

The Balkans (and Europe) are choking on coal pollution

Maria Giulia Anceschi | 4/4/2019

The 16 coal power plants in the western Balkans cause as much pollution as the 250 plants active within the European Union. The health impact is severe, and not just within the region

Free trade as a scapesheep

Valentina Vivona | 28/3/2019

Romania has emerged as one of the targets of dairy farmers' protests in Sardinia. But the figures show that Romanian exports are not to blame for the sheep milk crisis

Winter in the Balkans: cold housing and polluted cities? Something is changing

Lorenzo Ferrari | 14/3/2019

Many citizens of south-east Europe cannot afford to properly heat their own homes. The impact on health and air pollution is serious, but energy poverty has recently begun to decline

Heatwaves: global warming threatens more than 100,000 Slovenes

Lenart J. Kučić | 26/2/2019

Longer uninterrupted heat periods in Slovenia will be increasingly frequent and intense. The country does not have an integrated strategy to combat climate change yet