Cohesion policy, for decades now, has been one of the main instruments of the European Union for promoting economic growth and achieving a more homogeneous level of development across all EU territories, stimulating in particular less developed and depressed regions. The funds set aside for cohesion policy represent almost a third of the total EU budget (392 billion Euros for 2021-2027).

The territories supported by these funds are often vulnerable in a variety of ways, but that doesn’t mean they are not rich in opportunities. Quite the contrary. Thanks to the project Work4Future, we will have the opportunity, using a bottom-up approach, to explore and tell these territories and challenges they face in all countries of South Eastern Europe which are members of the EU, from the valleys of Slovenia to the islands of Greece, focusing particulary on the impact of cohesion policy on employment opportunities.

OBC Transeuropa contributes to the project Work for Future together with Il Sole 24 Ore and ISSiRFA/CNR .




The griffons of Cres

The island of Cres, together with Krk and the neighbouring island of Prvic, is the last natural habitat of griffon vultures in Croatia. It is cared for by a centre located in Beli and managed by 'Priroda', a public institution based in Rijeka, which is responsible for preserving the natural environment and is also supported in this by European funds

ECONOMY Youth and work: the paradoxes of Romania

Mihaela Iordache | 22/3/2023

In Europea, Romania has one of the lowest general unemployment rates and one of the highest youth unemployment rates. And the trend is not getting better

INTERVIEW The Salute Zdravstvo project, a cross-border story

Paola Rosà | 6/3/2023

Autism, cross-border CUP, services for pregnant women: healthcare between Italy and Slovenia. An interview

EUROPE Cohesion Funds, the risk of an emergency

Gentiola Madhi | 16/3/2023

The repeated use of structural funds by the EU institutions to deal with crises risks having repercussions on the main objective of strengthening the territorial cohesion of the European regions. A report by the European Court of Auditors

CONFLICTS Croatia: mines still kill

Nicole Corritore | 15/2/2023

Despite the extensive demining programme of recent years – also made possible by EU cohesion funds – the mines from the 1990s conflict still claim victims in Croatia

DATA EU: cohesion and depopulation

Newsroom | 19/1/2023

In the whole of South-Eastern Europe, the data on depopulation are dramatic and require urgent reflections. In the rest of Europe the trend is less negative, but remains alarming








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