Media ownership and finances in Kosovo: Legal vacuum and lack of transparency
This country report by the South East European Media Observatory investigates the lack of transparency in media ownership and financing in Kosovo

Media Ownership and Finances in Turkey. Increasing Concentration and Clientelism
This report explores the mechanisms through which ownership concentration and political clientelism limit media freedom and diversity in Turkey

Media ownership patterns in post-communist Romania - 5 profiles
An analysis of the media situation in Romania, released by the Center for Media Transparency, highlights different media models in the country, their relation to politics and the deriving challenges in terms of media pluralism and transparency

Media Ownership and Financing in Montenegro. Weak Regulation Enforcement and Persistence of Media Control
Concentration of media ownership and weak implementation of existing regulations subverts media freedom in Montenegro

Media Ownership Monitor - Reporters without Borders
The Media Ownership Monitor is a global research and advocacy initiative launched by Reporter Without Borders to increase transparency about media ownership

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