Impact of the New EU Migration Pact on Refugees

Evento 5 febbraio 2021 - locandina

Si analizzeranno le differenze tra il precedente e il nuovo Patto europeo sulla migrazione e l'asilo e e conseguenze sullo status di rifugiato, ma anche i possibili effetti sulla loro salute psicologica

As a part of the final project of the course led by Dr. Sindhuja Sankaran, we invite you to our webinar "How the new EU Pact Migration and Asylum affects refugees?". On this webinar we would like to touch upon consequences of the new EU pact for refugees.

We would like to highlight differences in previous and current pacts and the consequences of the new law in refugees status. We will also mark out possible effect of the pact on their psychological state and how this can affect their mental health.

We will be joined by illustrious guests who are going to shed light on the latest changes and discuss the topic from various percpectives :

- Dr. Agnieszka Nietszke, the vice president of Krakow brand of Polskie Towarzystwo Studiow Europejskich;

- Sonia Nandzik, a dedicated humanitarian and an activist, co-founder and CEO of ReFOCUS Media Labs foundation;

- Halina Grzymala-Moszczynska, profesor of psychology.

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