Thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing war and persecutions, are making a dangerous journey across the Balkans to enter the European Union. A Dossier

11 January 2017

A refugee family forced by the police to get off a bus and abandoned in a forest at a temperature of 11 degrees below zero, near the border with Bulgaria. An attempt of illegal expulsion?

7 November 2016

After a controversial and divisive referendum, what is the outlook for Hungary and the region on the subject of refugees? We interviewed Gábor Gyulai, of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee

24 October 2016

In Greece, 20,000 minor refugees have recently started attending local schools. This decision has caused both fear and denial, but the majority of the population is in favour

28 September 2016

On 2 October, Hungary will vote on a EU refugee distribution scheme. The government, who is calling on the population to reject the Commission's proposal, recently stepped up a taxpayer-funded campaign many say is xenophobic and fear-mongering

29 September 2016

On the border between Serbia and Hungary, the situation is dramatic. Thousands of people, crammed into makeshift camps, are waiting to cross the border into the EU. Reportage

3 June 2016

How to report on migration? How to respect the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and minorities? The case of Greece and the proposal of the "Charter of Idomeni"

17 May 2016

A review of some conflictual issues dividing Member States dealing with the refugee crisis. Interview with Irene Wieczorek, researcher at the Institute for European Studies

23 March 2016

Sana Aljendi is a Syrian migrant, currently living in Turkey. For Sana, today Syria is just a box full of jewelry and memories of Damascus, her home city

18 March 2016

Criminalising volunteers who act in solidarity with migrants and refugees is a way of detering European civic society from getting involved. Further mobilisation is the answer

16 March 2016

A still landscape of clay, low trees, and white rocks. Albania looks with apprehension at its southern border, increasing patrols should any refugee appear. A report

15 March 2016

The Balkan route shutdown is prompting a humanitarian crisis in Greece. The situation in the north of the country: interview with Despina Syrri

8 March 2016

For the vast majority of refugees and migrants, using the Turkish network of traffickers is the only choice in order to start the journey along the Balkan Route. Our report

2 March 2016

One of the main TV stations in Bulgaria, bTV, glorifies a man who hunts migrants and wants them dead. This is the story

27 October 2015

The flow of migrants and refugees along the Balkan trail is turning into a humanitarian crisis, with no recognition of the needs of vulnerable categories. Reports of violence by the Bulgarian police

15 October 2015

The government in Sofia has recently strengthened the laws against people-trafficking, in an attempt to strike the local criminal organizations who are finding in the migrants a new source of income

13 October 2015

The journey of migrants and refugees from the Serbian capital to the identification camp of Opatovac, in Croatia

30 September 2015

5,500 refugees, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan, have reached the small Greek island of Tilos in two years

22 September 2015

The Hungarian wall, on the border with Serbia, casts a first curtain on the Balkan Trail, forcing refugees to change course and head to Croatia, making their journey even more difficult. Seventh and final episode of our correspondent's diary

23 September 2015

The NGO Legis is one of the few organizations working with migrants and refugees in Macedonia. An interview with Mersiha Smailovikj, one of the founders of Legis, provides a complex picture of the situation 

21 September 2015

Our correspondent continues his journey with the refugees crossing the Balkan Trail. For many, the stop in Belgrade is a time for resting after the fatigues of the long journey. Sixth episode

21 September 2015

From Macedonia to the border with Serbia. The refugees cross the border and head for Preševo. Fifth episode of the travelogue by our correspondent on the Balkan Trail

17 September 2015

Dozens of company-owned buses wait for refugees at the border between Greece and Macedonia, to take them across the country, all the way up to Serbia

16 September 2015

Before reaching the town of Gevgelija, Macedonia, our correspondent stops in Thessaloniki to discuss the refugees' situation with the Mayor. Third episode

14 September 2015

Pavle Kilibarda, researcher at the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, explains the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia. Interview

15 September 2015

Downtown Athens, a small garden full of people. This is where we meet Said, an Afghan boy with a contagious smile

15 September 2015

Every day refugees and migrants cross the Balkan peninsula to reach the European Union. Stages in a difficult and tiring journey as described in the diary of our reporter

29 September 2015

At the border between Hungary and Serbia, a week after the construction of the new European wall. Fourth episode

3 September 2015

At the border between Serbia, Hungary, and Romania, where the EU geographically begins but morally ends

1 September 2015

The journey from Syria to Europe, along the Balkan route. In Hungary: apartheid and solidarity. Third Episode

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