The Parliament of Rights - 3rd edition aims at contributing to a better understanding of the role of the European Parliament, as the only institution directly elected by European citizens, in the democratic life of the Union, in defining European policies for fundamental rights, and on crucial matters for the future of our continent such as climate, the environment, migration, and digital. In this complex moment for our continent, now is the time to imagine post-pandemic Europe. We will be doing this by promoting an informed, open, and plural public debate that will involve MEPs, experts, journalists, students, teachers, and policymakers in debates, seminars, and workshops. We thus intend to make our contribution to the participation of citizens in the European decision-making process and civil society’s capacity for action at the transnational level, which is essential for relaunching the European project from below and promoting a Europe of rights.

In its role as co-decision-maker, the European Parliament is called upon to express itself on the New Pact on Migration and Asylum proposed by the EU Commission. The challenge is to strengthen solidarity between states in creating a common system that respects the fundamental rights of asylum seekers

RIGHTS Human rights violations: Frontex knew and did not react

Giulia BassettoRossella Vignola | 19/7/2021

The European Parliament published its report on the work of Frontex and the violations of the rights of migrants. Numerous issues were highlighted

INTERVIEW Majorino: shared responsibility is needed on the rights of migrants

Rossella Vignola | 21/5/2021

With the suspension of the Frontex budget and the launch of a parliamentary commission to shed light on alleged human rights violations in illegal pushbacks at European borders, the European Parliament affirms the political will to acknowledge the rights of migrants. We talked about it with MEP Pierfrancesco Majorino

CURRENT EVENTS MEPs, migrants, and the Croatian police: tensions at the Croatian-Bosnian border

Zagreb | Giovanni Vale | 3/2/2021

On Saturday 30 January, on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Croatian police blocked a group of Italian MEPs – an event that highlights how explosive the situation is and how much the solution can only be a European one

The Green deal is at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery plan, as requested by the European Parliament. The fight against climate change, protection of biodiversity and forests, clean energy, and circular economy are priority issues on the agenda of the EP which, in 2019, approved a resolution declaring the climate emergency

ENVIRONMENT Climate: is the EU plan ambitious enough?

Giulia Bassetto | 3/8/2021

The European Commission has presented the new package of climate proposals to the European Parliament: the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and achieve full climate neutrality by 2050

ENVIRONMENT North Macedonia, recycling remains a mirage

Tetovo | Aleksandar Samardjiev | 4/6/2021

Despite some success stories, recycling remains at extremely low levels in North Macedonia. According to experts and observers, the country needs to quickly develop a waste management strategy

ENVIRONMENT Covid-19: the plastic pandemic

Marco Ranocchiari | 28/4/2021

In Europe, the period 2020-2021 was to mark the turning point in the fight against plastic waste, one of the most urgent problems of our century. Then came the new Coronavirus: with masks, gloves, and anti-contagion packaging, the risk of a step back is increasingly concrete

In the post-COVID world, the EU will find itself leading the responses to the global challenges we face. Strengthening multilateralism, combating climate change, unambiguously managing relations with autocracies, and advancing the Enlargement process are just some of the issues that the European Parliament will face in its role of fostering political dialogue and democratic control of common foreign policy

INTERVIEW Castaldo: Western Balkans, the beating heart of the EU

Paolo Bergamaschi | 19/5/2021

"The Western Balkans are not and must never be a defeated periphery of the West, but they are and must remain the beating heart of the present and future of the great European family". Interview with Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Vice President of the European Parliament

POLITICS Georgia: the EU speaks out on the political crisis

Marilisa Lorusso | 14/4/2021

The political impasse in Georgia continues despite two attempts at mediation by the EU institutions. The European Parliament warns: European aid only if the parties resolve the crisis

COMMENT Balkans in the EU: a future to be designed together

Paolo Bergamaschi | 9/4/2021

The European Parliament seems much more inclined to open up to the Western Balkans than the Commission and the Council, and recently requested to include these countries in the Conference on the Future of Europe which will open on 9 May

EUROPEAN UNION European Parliament and the Western Balkans: I wish I could

Željko Pantelić | 26/3/2021

In the plenary session of yesterday, 25 March, the European Parliament passed resolutions on Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia in an enlargement perspective. But many important representatives were absent from the parliamentary debate

ANALYSIS Serbia between China and Europe

Belgrade | Vukašin Obradović | 26/2/2021

China’s influence in Serbia is growing. In its recent report, the European Parliament expressed concern about the lack of transparency and environmental and social impact assessment of Chinese investments and loans in Serbia and across the Western Balkans

In times of technological developments of great magnitude, increasing importance of our digital identities, risks and opportunities linked to surveillance, and changes within the media and journalism sphere, the European Parliament is a privileged forum for discussing the challenges posed by digital transformation to rights and democracy: the place for a debate on the virtual world where we and the future generations will live

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