Equality is one of the fundamental values underpinning the EU, which has a mandate to combat discrimination. Despite the progress made over the past twenty years on European anti-discrimination law, important legislative gaps remain. On several occasions, the EP has  stressed the need to fill these gaps by asking for the adoption of a directive offering wider protection, the so-called 'horizontal directive', blocked by the Council since 2008.

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DISCRIMINATIONS Ukrainian Roma refugees are not welcome everywhere across Europe

Cassandre Thomas | 29/6/2022

About 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine to Europe are estimated to be Roma. They are particularly vulnerable, and yet appear to suffer from discrimination in at least some European countries, such as Czechia and Moldova

RIGHTS AND EUROPE Slovenia, the European Parliament and the rule of law

Juan Torregrosa Rodriguez | 16/12/2021

On 17 November, the results of a monitoring mission on the rule of law carried out in Slovenia in October by some members of the European Parliament were presented

HUMAN RIGHTS Bulgaria, lagging behind in disabled people’s rights

Juan Torregrosa Rodriguez | 2/12/2021

Despite European funding and new measures undertaken by the Sofia authorities, Bulgaria lags behind in safeguarding the rights of people with disabilities who continue to experience high levels of poverty and social marginalization