The Green deal is at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery plan, as requested by the European Parliament. The fight against climate change, protection of biodiversity and forests, clean energy, and circular economy are priority issues on the agenda of the EP which, in 2019, approved a resolution declaring the climate emergency

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EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT The EU's energy dependence, between gas and nuclear power

Ornaldo Gjergji | 13/4/2022

Gas and nuclear as green energy? The European Parliament may not agree and reject the taxonomy proposed by the European Commission

EU The new common agricultural policy: green or greenwashing?

Ornaldo Gjergji | 5/10/2021

After almost two years of negotiations, last June the European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with several novelties and strong criticisms

ENVIRONMENT Climate: is the EU plan ambitious enough?

Giulia Bassetto | 3/8/2021

The European Commission has presented the new package of climate proposals to the European Parliament: the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and achieve full climate neutrality by 2050

ENVIRONMENT North Macedonia, recycling remains a mirage

Tetovo | Aleksandar Samardjiev | 4/6/2021

Despite some success stories, recycling remains at extremely low levels in North Macedonia. According to experts and observers, the country needs to quickly develop a waste management strategy

ENVIRONMENT Covid-19: the plastic pandemic

Marco Ranocchiari | 28/4/2021

In Europe, the period 2020-2021 was to mark the turning point in the fight against plastic waste, one of the most urgent problems of our century. Then came the new Coronavirus: with masks, gloves, and anti-contagion packaging, the risk of a step back is increasingly concrete