Ukrainian Roma refugees are not welcome everywhere across Europe

29/06/2022 -  Cassandre Thomas

About 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine to Europe are estimated to be Roma. They are particularly vulnerable, and yet appear to suffer from discrimination in at least some European countries, such as Czechia and Moldova

EU: new transparency rules for online platforms

26/05/2022 -  Federico Caruso

With the Digital Services Act, the European Union aims to establish new standards on the obligations and responsibilities of social networks and other large platforms in the management of problematic content. The result is the outcome of an ongoing dialogue between the Commission, Parliament, and the Council, with the involvement of civil society

The EU's energy dependence, between gas and nuclear power

13/04/2022 -  Ornaldo Gjergji

Gas and nuclear as green energy? The European Parliament may not agree and reject the taxonomy proposed by the European Commission

Surveillance and abuse: a European Parliament inquiry commission to shed light on the Pegasus scandal

28/04/2022 -  Rossella Vignola

The European Parliament approved by a large majority the establishment of a commission of inquiry to shed light on the abuse of Pegasus and other digital surveillance tools against journalists, critical voices, and opposition figures in the countries of the European Union

EU: enlargement to the east is back on the agenda

10/03/2022 -  Lorenzo Ferrari

Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova have officially applied to join the European Union. The first reactions have been positive, but it will be a long process: in the meantime, however, the enlargement of the EU could finally get going again, and some novel solutions could be tested

Slovenia, the European Parliament and the rule of law

16/12/2021 -  Juan Torregrosa Rodriguez

On 17 November, the results of a monitoring mission on the rule of law carried out in Slovenia in October by some members of the European Parliament were presented

Bulgaria, lagging behind in disabled people’s rights

02/12/2021 -  Juan Torregrosa Rodriguez

Despite European funding and new measures undertaken by the Sofia authorities, Bulgaria lags behind in safeguarding the rights of people with disabilities who continue to experience high levels of poverty and social marginalization

SLAPP: open dialogue with the Commission

15/12/2021 -  Paola Rosà

A public consultation on gag complaints is open until 10 January. In a meeting on the subject with organisations from all over Europe, which we attended on Thursday 25 November, Vice President of the European Commission Vera Jourova renewed her call for numerous contributions from all countries of the EU

MEPs wrote to Borrell and Schmidt, express concerns over tensions in BiH


A group of European Parliament members wrote to High Representative Josep Borrell and High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt, expressing concern over the latest escalation of tensions in BiH

Slovenia no limits

20/10/2021 -  Stefano Lusa

Relations between Ljubljana and Brussels are increasingly tense. Janez Jansa, Prime Minister of Slovenia, shows no bounds in provoking the European Union. He demonstrated this during the recent visit of a European Parliament delegation that came to Slovenia to assess the situation of the rule of law