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Capital Sins

23/06/2008 -  Mihaela Iordache

The second round of local elections in Bucharest brought victory to the independent candidate Sorin Oprescu. The mayor-elect will have to come to grips with the serious problems of an overpopulated city, which has less green space, more illegal construction, and traffic at the verge of collapse

Crime Novel

19/06/2008 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

How was organized crime in Bulgaria born and how did it develop over recent years? Who are its protagonists? And what was its response to the challenges posed by the entry of the country into the EU? An interview with Tihomir Bezlov, senior analyst of the Center for the Study of Democracy

Election Re-Run: Democracy Under Arms

18/06/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

There was a sigh of relief in Macedonia at the closing of polls on Sunday. The re-run of the troubled early national election, held under heavy security arrangements, went quietly. For the international factor, though, despite improvements, the elections failed to meet international standards

Sarajevo Spring

16/06/2008 -  Federico Sicurella Sarajevo

The demonstrations that took place in the Bosnian capital over the past months, from those against social degradation to those against corruption in politics and in the sports world, mark the growth of a civil society free from nationalist rhetoric

Macedonia at the mirror II

13/06/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Partial rerun will be held in Macedonia on June 15 after irregularities had been found in the country's general election. Our correspondent talks about the current political situation with Daut Dauti, ndependent analyst and political columnist

Macedonia at the mirror I

13/06/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Partial rerun will be held in Macedonia on June 15 after irregularities had been found in the country's general election. Our correspondent talks about the current political situation with Zidas Daskalovski, professor of political science at Skopje University and president of the Institute for Research and Policy Making

The Atomic Berisha

12/06/2008 -  Marjola Rukaj

The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, has proposed constructing a nuclear power plant in Albania. The Berlusconi government in Italy is the first strategic partner to receive his request for cooperation. Experts and analysts interpret the proposal as a joke; environmentalists again suggest alternative sources

Bitter Salad

11/06/2008 -  Gilda Lyghounis

With an official inflation rate of 4.4 percent (highest in the European Union), a real rate estimated at 6 percent, and food prices rising at 7 percent annually, Greece risks becoming the most expensive country in the EU. Most Greek families suffer from the crisis

A Huge Victory and a Huge Shame

03/06/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

The Sunday national vote brought a huge victory for ruling VMRO, but also a huge embarrassment for Macedonia.The numerous violent incidents which took place on election day, and even cost human life, pushed the country back on its European path

Elections and Violence. Can Macedonia Rise to the Challenge?

19/05/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Just a few days into the campaign ahead of 1 June early elections, Macedonia is under serious temptation.The election campaign which officially started 10 May has been marred by incidents and violence since the very beginning. Macedonia has very little time to correct things

The Old Bazaar

08/05/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

The Old Bazaar is the ancient heart of Skopje. Today it's but a pale remnant of what it once was: a bit dirty and dusty, but still brisk and dynamic. The Old Bazaar, though, is waiting for its next rebirth, and to gain back it's central role in the economic and social life of the city

EULEX inside UNMIK, too late?

23/04/2008 -  André Cunha Pristina

Major General Raul Cunha, Chief Military Liaison Officer of UNMIK, is very critical towards the "incoherence of the Western international community" in Kosovo. He focuses his criticisms on the way EULEX is preparing to start its work and argues that the UN will have to stay longer, at least in Serb-dominated areas

Italian - Slovene Commission: Toward Shared History

22/04/2008 -  Chiara Sighele

From 1993 to 2000 Italian and Slovene scholars have worked on a volume about the relations between their two countries. Eight years have passed but the Commission's work has not yet been properly distributed

One Way Ticket to Nationalist Ride?

18/04/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Macedonia will hold early elections on 1 June. This is the first visible impact of the humiliation the country suffered at the NATO summit in Bucharest. The upcoming electoral campain will likely turn into an explosion of national frustration: this is the major threat from these elections

A new government for Moldova

16/04/2008 -  Iulia Postica Chisinau

The Republic of Moldova has a new government, led by Mrs. Zinaida Greceanii, former minister of Finance and vice Premier. The new government has big plans, but analysts in Chisinau believe Mrs. Greceanii will have little space for maneuvering, given the little time at her disposal

Clouds over Macedonia

09/04/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

It finally did happen. Greece vetoed Macedonia's invitation to join the Alliance at NATO's last week Bucharest summit. The hum of frantic diplomatic activity over the last months ended in a single tone of bitterness

Facts on the Macedonian - Greek Name Dispute

03/04/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

As time to the NATO summit in Bucharest closes in the 16-years long dispute between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece over the name "Macedonia" is entering a critical phase. Here's a short history of the main facts of the name dispute between Skopje and Athens

On a roller coaster

21/03/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Macedonia is on a roller coster. Too much is happening all at once. Mr. Matthew Nimitz, UN envoy on the name dispute, unveiled three new proposals, the government fell and was stitched back together. But the Bucharest summit is approaching, and time is counting down

Macedonian Name Dispute Enters Critical Week

03/03/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

On March 6 NATO is expected to issue an invitation to the three countries of the Adriatic Group. Whereas Albania and Croatia are safely on their way in, Macedonia has a big problem: Greece said that it would veto Macedonia's entry unless the long-standing name dispute resolved first

Indipendence Day, Macedonia stays calm

21/02/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

In the few days following Kosovo's declaration of independence, Macedonia remains calm. But for how long? February 17 was greeted differently by the country's two major communities. Whereas Macedonians exercised restraint, Albanians rejoiced