Articles by Elvira Krithari

Greece: IVF for all, except for LGBT+ people

08/06/2023 -  Elvira Krithari

Greece's assisted-reproduction industry has been actively promoting its services domestically and internationally, and offers hope to thousands of infertile people – as long as they are not lesbian couples, gay men or intersex people.

Fecondazione in vitro in Grecia: oltre ogni limite

04/08/2021 -  Elvira Krithari Atene

L’industria della fecondazione in vitro spopola in Grecia. Un settore di fatto non regolato, dove le cliniche speculano sfruttando le donatrici. E lo stato? Si gira dall’altra parte

Greece, Golden Dawn is a criminal organisation

09/10/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Atene

With a historic sentence after five years of trial, the Athens Court of Appeal declared the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn - grown under the economic crisis and author of murders and attacks against persons and property - a criminal organisation

Malafekas: pulp is the genuine product of a country in crisis

27/07/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Times of crisis generate pulp characters, immersed in the need for action, armed with a realist language and no frills. An interview with Greek writer Makis Malafekas, author of “Athens Undocumented”

Greece: air, water, and democracy

16/07/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Volos

In Volos, central Greece, people are struggling for the quality of air – threatened by incinerators – and for public ownership of water, but also and above all for a transparent, democratic administration

Greece: justice for a femicide

05/06/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

The brutal murder of Eleni Topaloudi, which recently resulted in the conviction of her two killers, has put the concept of "femicide" at the centre of the debate in Greece for the first time, also leading to a legal reform on the definition of rape. An analysis by OBCT

Greece and COVID-19, in prisons isolation is not enough

09/04/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Atene

Greece's overcrowded prison system provides poor protection for prisoners against the coronavirus epidemic. At the moment, there are no cases reported in prisons, but late intervention is likely to prove useless and harmful

Greece, coronavirus and new winds of crisis

24/03/2020 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

As the coronavirus epidemic came, Greece was initially distracted by other issues. Now, however, everything is blocked, and the country is dealing with a crippled healthcare system and a new economic crisis on the horizon

Greece: New Democracy pushes a tougher agenda on refugees

02/12/2019 -  Elvira Krithari Atene

After the victory in the last elections, New Democracy has given a new course to policies for migrants and refugees, which risks further weakening the protection mechanisms available to them

Between two families: stories of migrant domestic workers in Greece

18/03/2019 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Anna, Maria, and many others. In Greece, thousands of migrant women work as domestic helpers and carers. A difficult life, suspended between legality and informal sector, country of origin and destination, pride and regret

Greece, the opposition rallies in Athens against the Prespa Agreement

21/01/2019 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

This week the Greek parliament should ratify the Prespa Agreement, which puts an end to the twenty-year dispute over the name with neighbouring Macedonia. The opposition, however, took to the street in Athens against the deal

Treasure hunting in Greece

23/11/2018 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

With the crisis, pressure on subsoil resources, minerals and hydrocarbons has increased in Greece. In Epirus and other regions local communities, worried about the long-term effects on the environment and quality of life, decided to react

The black dawn of Greece: Golden Dawn on trial

09/10/2018 -  Elvira Krithari Atene

The trial against the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is currently underway in Greece. A case that is testing the ability of the Greek society to reject the drive of intolerance and hatred grown in the shadow of the economic crisis

Greece leaves bailout programmes: “And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?"

29/08/2018 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

What is going to happen in Greece without external financial help is yet to be seen. Regardless of what the government and the opposition affirm, the financial crisis is not over

North Macedonia: agreement sparks controversy in Greece

29/06/2018 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

What the agreement really offered, apart from turning the page for two Balkan countries, is a chance to observe political tendencies in Greece, by highlighting parties’ true colors and capacities

Meet the new Greek craftswomen

18/10/2017 -  Elvira Krithari

After ten years of economic crisis, many women in Greece have begun to explore alternatives to make their living, revaluing traditional handicraft activities from the previous decades

Summer in Greece: a glimpse into the backstage

29/06/2017 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Tourism in Greece is the driving force behind the economy. Many, even with higher education, seek opportunities in this industry, often falling to painful compromises with their rights

Greece: Golden Dawn not willing to fade

27/03/2017 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Despite the arrest of its leadership, on trial for the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn movement continues to have support in the impoverished Greek society

A tale of 8 militant asylum seekers. Another episode in the Greek-Turkish relations drama

23/02/2017 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

After the July 2016 failed military coup, 8 Turkish servicemen requested asylum in Greece. The case sparked new tension in the traditionally strained relationship between Athens and Ankara