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The risk of fallacy: assessing the impact of fake news on democratic politics

30/11/2020 -  Serena Giusti & Elisa Piras

Elections and crises are ideal contexts for the festering of misinformation and disinformation. This is what makes fake news a useful tactic in influence operations. Assessing the actual impact of disinformation must now be a priority in the research agenda

Go West: Russia’s soft power in Europe

25/11/2020 -  Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti

Anti-Western rhetoric, social conservatism, and assertiveness are some of the key elements that make Russian narratives attractive, credible, and legitimate in different quarters across Europe. A journey through Russia’s soft power in Europe by ISPI researcher Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti

Between international crises and domestic controversies: Italy's relations with Russia

18/11/2020 -  Marco Siddi

Post-Soviet Russia has become an important trade and energy partner for Italy. After the Ukrainian crisis, (geo)political divergences have greatly affected bilateral relations

Responding to Alleged Russian Interference by Focusing on the Vulnerabilities That Make It Possible

03/11/2020 -  Giorgio Comai

Russian interference: This chapter by Giorgio Comai looks at the debates on Russian interference in the democratic processes of the West, highlighting the need for finding policy responses to the structural vulnerabilities exposed by alleged Russian interference

“Russia” as a source of concern: are we really talking about Russia?

21/10/2020 -  Giorgio Comai

What do we even mean when expressing concern about “Russia”? As it turns out, Russia can be both a symbol and an external actor able to influence domestic processes. It is important to resist the temptation to conflate different preoccupations

Cybersecurity dictionary

30/07/2020 -  Niccolò Caranti

A cybersecurity glossary made in the framework of project ESVEI

Covid-19 and Russian aid in Lombardy: narratives in the Italian media

11/06/2020 -  Irene Dioli

Cooperation or interference? Russia's military presence in Lombardy has been the subject of doubts, clashes, and conflicting narratives in the Italian media

Russian Meddling in Democratic Processes in Europe and the US

22/05/2020 -  Giorgio Comai

This chapter by Giorgio Comai addresses the question of Russian interference in the West's democratic processes by going beyond the well-known media cases and focusing on the structural vulnerabilities that expose Western democracies to external interference

Dealing with Russia's brazenness in cyber space

22/04/2020 -  Giorgio Comai

Western governments recently attributed to Russia a massive cyber-attack against Georgia. In this and other situations, the brazenness of the attack was seemingly a goal in itself. But Russia is not the only cyber threat. Structural political incentives for better security practices and international solidarity and assistance are needed

Quintarelli: politics cannot be done remotely

28/04/2020 -  Niccolò Caranti

Some things can be done remotely, but parliamentary activity requires presence, and not only for IT security issues. Interview with computer scientist and former MP Stefano Quintarelli