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Political funding: years of scandals

27/08/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

An interactive map of some of the main cases of scandals related to political parties and campaign funding in Europe. In some cases the (alleged) financing is illegal in itself, in some others the scandal derives from the lack of transparency

Lobbying in Italy and legislator schizophrenia

29/07/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

In Italy today lobbying is regulated in an inconsistent manner and rules are not applied. Greater transparency is necessary for investors too, but this situation is convenient for politics. Interview with Pier Luigi Petrillo

Money to politics, the challenge of transparency

24/07/2019 -  OpenPolis

In Italy the role of parties decreases, but the number of actors involved grows. A complex theme and picture, with laws still failing to intercept the new dynamics and a fragmentation of the subjects in the field.

Elections and public agenda: a story of a media synergy

02/07/2019 -  Fazıla Mat

Social platforms and traditional media have equal weight in determining the public and electoral agenda, often acting in synergy manner. Sara Bentivegna, Professor of Communication Theories and Digital Media and Political Communication at the Sapienza University of Rome, explains

Elections legitimacy in the age of digital dominance

23/05/2019 -  Sofia Verza

Damian Tambini, professor at the London School of Economics, discusses with ESVEI the policy challenges posed by digital dominance for election legitimacy. Transparency, fairness and election monitoring in the age of “surveillance capitalism”. An interview

Elections at the time of social media, speakers' talks

02/07/2019 -  Chiara Sighele, Rossella Vignola

We publish the detailed report of the speakers' talks at the policy workshop "Elections at the time of social media. European elections, disinformation, micro-targeting: what to do?", which took place last May 14th in Rome, within the project ESVEI promoted by OBC Transeuropa/ CCI

We need to regulate online political advertising

24/05/2019 -  Redazione

A group of experts met to discuss some problems with online information spaces and to submit concrete proposals to political decision-makers.

If justice on online information becomes a private matter, we have all lost

16/05/2019 -  Guido Scorza*

The information system is one of the most complex and delicate elements of a democracy. The only real remedy for disinformation is education to the critical spirit and the re-thinking of the media system. A comment by Guido Scorza

The conditions for a pluralistic digital future: interoperability, transparency, and control over data

13/05/2019 -  Giorgio Comai

A reflection on the necessary conditions to be not only "users", but also "citizens" of the digital spaces in which we live: owners of rights, owners of one's own personal data, free to choose which services to use, which suppliers to turn to, and free to know what criteria determine what appears on our screens

What if Facebook was a non-profit?

13/05/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

The essential problem behind misinformation is the Internet business model. Let's try to imagine a different one, one in which Facebook and Google are not for profit