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Disinformation, technology giants, and our critical skills

16/04/2019 -  Fazıla Mat

Online disinformation is a complex phenomenon that can become extremely harmful to society. As we are faced with the power of technology giants, short-term policies, and implications for freedom of expression, it is crucial to promote critical thinking, media literacy, and reflection on these issues in all age groups

Online advertising – going beyond Zuckerberg's promises

03/04/2019 -  Giorgio Comai

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called for more Internet regulations. Far beyond these proposals, we need a public and independent archive of all online advertising, not just in times of elections

The regulation of political communication during electoral campaigns in Italy

22/02/2019 -  Sofia Verza

In Italy, regulation on political communication in the media largely emerged from concerns with extensive use of TV ads in the 1990s, when Silvio Berlusconi entered politics. Two decades later, there is an urgent need to update this regulation to the digital age

Russians or not, the vulnerabilities are there: let’s fix them

15/02/2019 -  Giorgio Comai

Disinformation campaigns, dubious practices on social media, murkey financing of political campaigns and lobby groups, timed hacked and leaks: new structural vulnerabilities to our democracies are there for anyone to exploit. It’s time to focus our public conversation on new policies and practices that can mitigate these risks

Disinformation and social media

An interactive map of somes significant cases of disinformation on social media