OBC is following the dramatic conditions of the migrants trying to cross the Balkans on their way to the EU. Find a selection of our latest materials collected for the World Refugee Day

Our articles on migration:

Construction workers build a refugee camp in Athens (photo: © Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock)
Eleni Stamatoukou   |  Thessaloniki
4 February 2020

Greece has a new center-right government since summer 2019. More and more controls and constraints are imposed on asylum seekers: the government claims that the system will become more efficient, but some organisations are unconvinced

Eleni Stamatoukou   |  Thessaloniki
14 January 2020

More than 100,000 migrants and refugees are still present in Greece. Many of them live in refugee camps, which are not appropriate accommodation solutions because of their location in faraway, poory connected areas

In cerca di un futuro migliore - David Talukdar/Shutterstock
Armine Avetysian  30 December 2019

The number of foreign citizens migrating to Armenia is constantly growing, including Indian citizens. Thousands arrived in the first nine months of 2019

Young Kosovars waiting to emigrate

Many people, above all young and qualified, emigrate or dream of emigrating from the Balkans to other European countries. A phenomenon that puts entire sectors of the economy at risk, and that warrants urgent answers

(© diy13/Shutterstock)
Francesca RolandiChristian Elia  25 November 2019

A growing phenomenon with worrying implications: the flight of workers, skilled or otherwise, from former Yugoslavia. A look at the data and political responses.

Bulgaria is experiencing massive flows of emigration. Yet, not everyone goes away for the same reason, or moves to another EU country with the same life plans

Zagreb (photo © Goran Vrhovac/Shutterstock)
Francesca Rolandi  19 September 2019

While Croatia may be a paradise for tourism, actually living and working there is a lot more difficult. Croatian workers move abroad in large numbers: a phenomenon rooted in a combination of both long-term and short-term factors. An analysis

Maria Louka contacts her family by Skype - E.Krithari
Elvira Krithari   |  Athens
18 March 2019

Anna, Maria, and many others. In Greece, thousands of migrant women work as domestic helpers and carers. A difficult life, suspended between legality and informal sector, country of origin and destination, pride and regret

Afghan and Pakistani refugees waiting for daily work in Istanbul, Turkey, 12 July 2016 - Orlok/Shutterstock
Burcu Karakaş   |  Istanbul
28 February 2019

Afghans represent Turkey's largest community of irregular migrants, still growing despite forced repatriations, denied rights, and difficult living conditions

Spalato, lavoratori (foto di LidiaLydia/Shutterstock)
Francesca Rolandi  29 January 2019

Fewer births, greater life expectancy, emigration. These are some of the ingredients adding up to local labour shortages - now a major problem in many Eastern European countries

Astghik Mnatsakanyan is practicing with Chinese characters - Armine Avetisyan
Armine Avetisyan  23 January 2019

The new frontier for Armenian English teachers seems to be China: the possibility of working at higher salaries attracts more and more workers

Prizren - Brilliant Eye/Shutterstock
Majlinda Aliu   |  Pristina
19 December 2018

Although Kosovo is still on the "black list" of Schengen, many of its citizens dream of a future abroad. Among the most qualified professional categories, such as doctors, we can already speak of brain drain

La locandina del film
Francesca Rolandi  18 December 2018

A documentary tells the story of a young Macedonian who arrived in Italy in the 1990s, looking for a job. We talked with the authors of this Italian-Macedonian production

October 2015, border between Serbia and Croatia (photo by BalkansCat/ Shutterstock)
Francesca Rolandi  8 November 2018

With 700 cases of reports of violence and theft against migrants at the border, Croatia holds the negative record among the countries of the area. Meanwhile, intimidation against solidarity increases and the first convictions pour down

The Maljevac pass (photo G. Vale)
Giovanni Vale   |  Velika Kladuša
5 November 2018

Bosnia is stuck with having to "defend" the EU's external borders. Is this the price to pay for membership? This is the question asked by some inhabitants of Velika Kladuša and Bihać, new junctions of the Balkan route. A report

From Afghanistan to Rome

A modern Odyssey: On the trail of Mussa Khan

Months, years, constantly moving. Rejected, invisible, on the margins. This is the destiny of the Afghan muhajirins, on a tenacious search for the dream called “Europe”. Starting from today, with the episodes of the “Mussa Khan” blog, we are going to tell their odyssey through Turkey, Greece and Italy, until the Ostiense Station in Rome


The road home

In April 2013 the first census of the population since the war years will take place in Bosnia Herzegovina. Official data say that over a million refugees and displaced persons have returned home after the ethnic cleansing of the '90s. The real picture of the country, however, seems a lot different. Our report


Fleeing Crimea

Thousands of Tatar families have left the Crimea after the annexation by Russia. The community, which has always been in favour of the union with Ukraine, feels now threatened by the new authorities. Many have found hospitality in Lviv