Feature stories

The Balkan trail: Orban's wall

22/09/2015 -  Giovanni Vale Budapest

The Hungarian wall, on the border with Serbia, casts a first curtain on the Balkan Trail, forcing refugees to change course and head to Croatia, making their journey even more difficult. Seventh and final episode of our correspondent's diary

Balkan Trail: arrival in Preševo

21/09/2015 -  Giovanni Vale Preševo

From Macedonia to the border with Serbia. The refugees cross the border and head for Preševo. Fifth episode of the travelogue by our correspondent on the Balkan Trail

Business on the Balkan Trail: Macedonia

17/09/2015 -  Giovanni Vale Gevgelija

Dozens of company-owned buses wait for refugees at the border between Greece and Macedonia, to take them across the country, all the way up to Serbia

The Balkan Trail: from Thessaloniki to Gevgelija

16/09/2015 -  Giovanni Vale Thessaloniki

Before reaching the town of Gevgelija, Macedonia, our correspondent stops in Thessaloniki to discuss the refugees' situation with the Mayor. Third episode

The new wall and us: friends

29/09/2015 -  André Cunha (with Móni Bense) Szeged

At the border between Hungary and Serbia, a week after the construction of the new European wall. Fourth episode

The Hungarian wall

03/09/2015 -  Giovanni Vale

At the border between Serbia, Hungary, and Romania, where the EU geographically begins but morally ends

The New Wall and us: One Tea on the Way to Exile

01/09/2015 -  André Cunha (with the collaboration of Móni Bense)

The journey from Syria to Europe, along the Balkan route. In Hungary: apartheid and solidarity. Third Episode

The new wall and us: children who do and don't remember

25/08/2015 -  André Cunha, (with the collaboration of Móni Bense)

Chronicle of a journey along the border between Hungary and Serbia in late June and early July, a week from the building of a new wall in Europe. Second Episode

The new wall and us: Paradise lost

21/08/2015 -  André Cunha (with the collaboration of Móni Bense) Szeged

From the boundary between Hungary and Serbia, where a new wall is being built. The first episode of a reportage

Turkey of refugees, on the Syrian border

03/08/2015 -  Dimitri Bettoni Suruç

Akçakale, Suruç, villages and refugee camps on the Syrian border. Last steps of the journey in the Turkey of refugees. Third and final part of the report