Feature stories

Cyprus, the peace process: stranded

11/05/2012 -  Francesco Martino Nicosia

When UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon announced on the 21st of April that the eagerly awaited international conference would not take place, the last hopes were shattered of seeing Cyprus take its turn in the EU presidency as a reunited Country. Not a surprise, certainly. Indeed, there is just a crumb of hope of seeing any evolution in the negotiations. A report from the island

Albania: orphans for life

16/02/2012 -  Marjola Rukaj

There are thousands of orphans in Albania. At the age of 14 they are expelled from orphanages by law, and often have no alternative to crowded dorms where, in poverty and without prospects, they remain for most of their life. A report

Istanbul and Slow Food. A soul of waves and salt

29/12/2011 -  Francesco Martino Istanbul

In Istanbul, the lüfer ("bluefish" in English) is not just a species of fish. It symbolises the connection between the city, its sea and its history. Unfortunately, this symbol may now disappear because of unregulated fishing. Therefore, the Slow Food convivium Fikir Sahibi Damaklar responds with a ruler, asking for fishing to be limited to adult bluefish.

Bijela,the hidden canyon

12/12/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Discover one of Bosnia Herzegovina's less acclaimed treasures: a canyon carved out of the River Bijela, a gem which is not so easy to find as you need to embark on a real “journey to the centre of the earth” to see it. In the footsteps of Jules Verne

Istria's red soils: Mountain bike routes

05/12/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Mountain biking routes stretching for hundreds of kilometres, going coast to coast, passing through vineyards, olive groves and cultivations on red soils. Enjoy the ride

Rugova Valley's Heart of Stone

29/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

The Rugova Valley in Kosovo is an ideal place for outdoor activities, especially free climbing. It starts a few kilometres from the city of Peja/Peć , in Western Kosovo. Massimo Moratti has been trying out the “Spiders' Beach” routes

The Via Egnatia: bridges and walls between East and West

16/12/2011 -  Fabrizio Polacco

States and Empires on the rise or at the height of their power build roads and bridges, while when in decline or in danger they raise walls and barriers. A journey along the ancient Via Egnatia which connected Italy with ancient Greece, continues as far as Byzantium and now gives its name to a motorway

The Rakitnica Canyon

17/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Once down there's no going back, you must go on. The canyon formed by the River Rakitnica can be ridden, but only in the company of an expert guide. A plunge into the waters and unspoilt nature of Bosnia

The "homo georgicus", the oldest European man

11/11/2011 -  Maura Morandi Dmanisi

The oldest human remains found outside the African continent are in Dmanisi, Georgia, and date back to 1.8 million years ago. It is the homo georgicus, a hominid species which, by evolution, seems to be intermediate between the homo habilis and the homo erectus. The discovery was possible thanks to the steadfastness of the Georgian researchers, along with international archeologists, including Italian ones

Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Tito’s bunker

01/11/2011 -  Azra Nuhefendić

From the Konjic fallout shelter, turned into a contemporary art gallery, to the streets in the center of Sarajevo. Who waged war? Why? A trip in the heart of Bosnia in search of answers