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Marco Abram - Editor and Researcher

PhD in History at the University of Udine, Master in History of Europe at the University of Bologna. He spent research periods in different countries and worked for the Center for Advanced Studies - South Eastern Europe, the Department of History of the University of Rijeka and the University of British Columbia, where he was a lecturer of history of South East Europe. His research has been devoted to Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav history, and his articles have been published in several Italian and international academic journals. He was involved in many dissemination projects promoted by different organizations and has been collaborating with OBCT since 2009, mainly on projects focused on history, memory and the dealing with the past.

Articles by Marco Abram

The House of European History

03/04/2017 -  Marco Abram

A museum that seeks to project a transnational vision of European history. An ambitious project that has not escaped controversy and criticism. An interview with director Taja Vovk van Gaal

The memory of courage and disobedience

22/02/2017 -  Marco Abram

A general who refuses to fight to the last man, a soldier who saves the life of a soldier considered an enemy. What space is there in the public memory for these testimonies?

The Balkans: rethinking history text books

27/01/2017 -  Marco Abram

A series of didactic resources produced by an extraordinary synergy between historians and experts from various countries, now enriched by a workbook on the Balkan conflicts in the nineties

1914-1918: the lost generation

20/03/2014 -  Marco Abram

A century ago, the Great War swept Europe taking 10 million men and leaving 25 million wounded. Historian Jay M. Winter looks back on our century of violence

Zastava car is freedom

26/02/2014 -  Marco Abram

The first book on the history of motoring in Serbia, and Yugoslavia, will soon be released. An interview with the author, Marko Miljković

Dimitrije Tucović: a socialist in Slavija square

29/01/2014 -  Marco Abram

The renovation of the centre of Belgrade will involve moving the statue of Dimitrije Tucović, Serbian anti-war activist who died in 1914 and has recently disappeared from the public debate

The return of non-aligned Serbia

14/12/2009 -  Marco Abram

If Serbian diplomats get what they want, Belgrade will be the place where the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement is celebrated in 2011. Yet, many commentators are now questioning the advantages of such a movement in a world which has changed so radically in the last half-century

The Yugoslav '89

06/08/2009 -  Marco Abram Belgrade

While most of the countries in Eastern Europe were experiencing revolutions and violence meant to change the course of history, Yugoslavia was, in a way, just observing. One of the important voices during that time was the Association for Yugoslav Democratic Initiative