Articles by SEEMO

Anuška Delić, a journalist under prosecution

29/01/2015 -  SEEMO

Exposing the links between a major political party and an extreme right wing organization has resulted in criminal charges against a journalist, in democratic Slovenia. The story of Anuška Delić

Predrag Blagojević: journalists under blackmail

28/01/2015 -  SEEMO

Many South East European journalists experience blackmail, threats or even assaults in their everyday work. The case of Predrag Blagojević, editor in chief of Južne vesti in Niš

Vladimir Mitrić, a journalist under police protection

27/01/2015 -  SEEMO

Between journalists and criminals, some state institutions favour the latter. The story of Vladimir Mitrić, journalist in Western Serbia, as told to SEEMO, the South East Europe Media Organization

Dragana Sotirovski, journalism on the field

26/01/2015 -  SEEMO

The Seemo stories: South East European journalists who have experienced threats or assaults in their everyday work. The case of Dragana Sotirovski

Veran Matić: fighting impunity

23/01/2015 -  SEEMO

Reacting to threats can make you stronger, and also more efficient. The story of Veran Matić, a journalist under police protection, fighting impunity in Serbia

Željko Ivanović: being a journalist in Montenegro

22/01/2015 -  SEEMO

Journalists in South East Europe have to face assaults and threats for carrying out their professional activity. The story of Željko Ivanović in Podgorica

Drago Hedl: Croatian dangerous journalism

21/01/2015 -  SEEMO

Journalists from South East Europe talk to the media organization SEEMO about the threats and assaults they had to face while carrying out their job. The story of Drago Hedl